Press Release on New Quest Trust Company, Inc.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)


Today Entrust Retirement Services, Inc. announced today it will now be doing business as Quest Trust Company, Inc. The announcement comes on the heels of the breakup of the previous company called The Entrust Group. Quest Trust Company, Inc. will continue to have all the same great services, accounts and customer service their clients have become accustomed to but they will be adding numerous online and technical applications that will provide an even greater service for their clients self-directed retirement account needs.

 “We are so excited to be announcing this great news and see nothing but a huge opportunity in front of us,” said H. Quincy Long, Chief Executive  Officer of Quest Trust Company, Inc. formerly Entrust Retirement Services, Inc. “The growth Quest Trust Company has experienced over the last 9 years has prepared us for this moment. We at Quest couldn’t be happier about the announcement! Behind the scenes we have been preparing for this announcement and, thus, will not miss a beat when it comes to servicing our clients. Essentially, working with Quest Trust Company will be exactly like working with Entrust Retirement Services, Inc. Only the name has changed. And my title as well,” as he says jokingly.

 But not only the name has changed according to Nathan Long, Executive Vice President for Quest Trust Company, Inc. “Over the past few months we have been building and creating new systems that will bring the antiquated world of self-directed IRAs into the technology age of the 21st century. The ability to do everything online will soon be at your fingertips with Quest Trust Company.” He went on to say, “Quest will continue the great classes, workshops, and events that have helped us get to this point but with the addition of more locations across the country and better online web presences we will now be able to service more clients and faster than any of our competitors.”


Quest Trust Company, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration and education. They are the experts when it comes to “alternative” investments like real estate, notes, precious metals, oil & gas, private placements, etc. within an IRA, HSA, ESA or 401(k)s. They administer client’s accounts from across the nation but are headquarters in Houston, TX with offices in Dallas, TX, and Mason, MI with plans to open offices in Austin, TX and Seattle, WA. They currently administer over $400MM in client assets for over 4000 clients.