Quest Trust Company Inc. Added as Contributing Partner to The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV

Quest Trust Company Inc. a leading provider of self-directed IRAs has been added as a contributor to The Balancing Act® that airs on the Lifetime Network. The Balancing Act® is America’s premier morning show that airs weekday mornings on the Lifetime Network.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 28, 2012

2013 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Quest Trust Company, its successor companies, and the opening of one of H. Quincy Long’s most successful businesses. In 2013 Quest Trust Company has a gift of education and information on what is truly possible with retirement accounts that they would like to give to the American public, for free. Quest Trust Company will be touring around the country providing needed education to investors who are looking for something other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The tour will stop off in Pompano Beach, FL to film a short segment for The Balancing Act® that will air in late January 2013 during the “Family Financial Health” series.
On January 4th 2013 in Pompano Beach, FL H Quincy Long will be filming for a short segment that will air during the “Family Financial Health” series running on The Balancing Act® the airs on the Lifetime Network weekdays at 7:00am ET/PT.
“It may have taken 10 years but Quest Trust Company is finally ready to be on the national stage,” said H. Quincy Long, President/Owner of Quest Trust Company, Inc. “I know personally how few people in this country really know what their investment options are with IRAs & 401(k)s. To be on such a great well known nationally televised weekday morning show just proves to me that what Quest is teaching our clients, prospects and business associates is working. The audience that watches The Balancing Act® is a major demographic that we are looking to educate and inform. Thus, it is a perfect opportunity for Quest and, heck, at least I get a brand new suit for being on TV out of the deal.”
Not all self-directed IRA administrators and custodians are the same. Quest Trust Company Inc. uses great free national and local events, which are open to the public, to help further the knowledge of self-directed IRAs and investment strategies within self-directed IRAs.
“Hopefully, the viewers of the show will be as excited about their investment options in their IRAs & 401(K)s as our client are,” stated Beatriz Oliva, Central Texas Director at Quest Trust Company. “As a young professional woman in today’s corporate world I want Quest Trust Company to be a beacon of education and information about self-directed IRAs and investment options for women. Whether you are younger or older every woman has to deal with how to pay for retirement. Whether she is a wife with a family or she is single, divorced or widowed, women want education and information and Quest Trust Company is here to provide it to them.”
The Quest Trust Company Inc. corporate office is located at 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77084. Quest Trust Company Inc. currently supports more than 5000 clients and reaches approximately 20,000 customers monthly via their social media, local and online marketing activities.