One thought on “Considerations For Naming Beneficiaries Of Your Self-Directed IRA

  1. My Self Directed IRA owns a LLC which in turn owns several rental properties (fully owned-no incuberances or motgages).
    I have listed my four adult children as Contingent Beneficiaries. My instructions are that each gets 1/4 of the SD IRA.
    Its my understanding that each beneficiary must then create an Inherited IRA in their name to hold their portion of the inheritance.
    How does this work when I pass on? Does the LLC remain intact with each beneficiary owning 1/4 of the LLC? or do the assets in the LLC need to be liquidated? If the LLC states intact and and continues to own and manage the properties, then what happens if one or more of beneficiaries wants to cash out their Inherited IRA?

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