Quest CEO is Honored with NoteSchool’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)

H. Quincy Long, Quest Trust Company Founder and CEO, will be honored tomorrow at NoteSchool’s Note Expo convention for his outstanding and notable contributions to the industry. Note Expo 2021, an educational event taking place tomorrow November 5th-6th, will award our very own Quincy Long with the Lifetime Achievement Award! 

Quincy has a decorated background in the industry. He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston, and then went on to create Quest Trust Company, which traces its roots back to 2003. Now, Quest has over 35 Certified IRA Service Professionals with American Bankers Association (CISPs), with a large portion of the company mission focusing on education for clients and employees alike. 

“In my position as CEO and founder of Quest Trust Company, I have the privilege of showing people how to take control of their IRAs and other retirement assets and invest in what they know best – real estate,” Long says. “Whether the investment is the direct ownership of real estate, loans secured by real estate, or LLCs, limited partnerships, trusts, and other entities that invest in real estate, it can all be purchased within a self-directed IRA.”

With numerous achievements, like the recent 2021 Think Realty Honors Linda’s Legacy: Industry Impact Award he was just given, it comes as no surprise that he is receiving his honor. In his career, Long sat on the board of directors of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH), and he is the author of numerous articles on SDIRAs and other real estate related topics. His expert education has made him an influential figure in the SDIRA industry, often recognized as a pioneer and leader.

“I am passionate about what I do because I believe in freedom of choice, but I also believe that with great freedom comes great responsibility,” he says. “There are rules which must be followed in order to succeed with a self-directed IRA, so I am also passionate about providing high quality education to our clients about the rules and the various investment techniques.”

It’s no secret that Quincy has a huge impact on the entire Self-Directed IRA industry – just listen to what Eddie Speed, Founder of NoteSchool has to say in this video here:

Receiving this award is a great compliment, and we are honored to share the news with you! To experience what it’s like to self-directed your IRA at a company with Quincy’s values and knowledge, schedule a call to speak with an IRA Specialist HERE about building your wealth at Quest

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