The Quest Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

Invest in Cryptocurrency at Quest
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Have you been wanting to use your Quest Self-Directed IRA to invest in crypto? The wait is almost over! Coming this spring, you will have the ability to invest in cryptocurrency with your Self-Directed IRA at Quest Trust Company. We’re now working with ErisX to give our clients the option to hold cryptocurrency in their retirement accounts. We’re excited to help you achieve your financial goals faster by allowing this lucrative investment.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual or digital assets that can be used for monetary purposes. Crypto doesn’t rely on banks. This economy functions on a network distributed across many computer servers and uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions, existing only electronically. The peer-to-peer aspect enables anyone to send and receive payments from anywhere. Because of the advanced coding involved in holding cryptocurrency, it makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency is an attractive investment because of its ability to diversify one’s investment portfolio way beyond the usual publicly traded assets, and many investors believe crypto will continue to increase in value.


Why should I invest in Crypto with Quest?

Alongside real estate and other private entities you can hold in your Self-Directed IRA at Quest, cryptocurrency has also been added to the list of investment choices! Whether you have a Traditional or Roth IRA, a specialty account, or a self-directed employer plan with us, the ability to invest in crypto is available to you – without the worry of being subject to capital gains taxes.

By coming together with ErisX, we can provide an easy-to-understand system and platform for crypto investing. ErisX can provide Self-Directed IRA account holders at Quest Trust Company investment options that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to help achieve financial goals.

When you use your self-directed Quest account, you can still experience all the Quest benefits you are used to. Our expert staff is trained on the crypto investing process and ready to help you familiarize yourself with the ErisX systems every step of the way. Our world-famous customer service is here to stay! In addition to our quality service, you can count on our signature 24–48 hour processing time. With the most popular cryptocurrencies available to you on the ErisX platform, you can experience maximum diversification for your retirement portfolio.


How do I get started?

  1. Be sure to have your Self-Directed account established at Quest Trust Company
  2. Complete the ErisX onboarding process online
  3. Select Quest as your IRA provider on the Compliance Questions during the ErisX onboarding process
  4. Once approved, you will receive a Welcome Letter with funding instructions
  5. Use the information to complete Quest Trust Company’s funding information in your Client Portal
  6. Quest will process your investment and send funds to your ErisX account
  7. You’re ready to invest in crypto with your ErisX account!


Begin Investing Now! 

Are you ready to start investing in crypto? Begin familiarizing yourself with ErisX because you’ll be able to start in March! If you have more questions about crypto investing, call our office at 855-286-4727 or schedule a free consultation to speak with an IRA Specialist today.

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