Secrets to Legally Building Wealth Tax-Free Using Self-Directed IRAs Revealed

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Quincy Long 

Author H. Quincy Long spoke and signed books at Quest Expo, offering strategies for making the most of retirement accounts—before retirement—and empowering investors to create income and (re)build savings.

Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed by H. Quincy Long provides a clear overview of alternative investment strategies that give financial investors more control over their investment choices and potentially reduce risk.

Quincy LongSDIRA secrets revealed

Author H. Quincy Long,                            Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed
Founder and CEO of Quest Trust Co.

A nationally recognized expert in Self-Directed IRAs, Quincy Long wrote Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed to make this method of investing understandable and accessible to readers who may not have a legal or financial background. A licensed attorney in the state of Texas, Long has more than 30 years of industry experience specializing in real estate transactions and investing. In his new book, he explains how Self-Directed IRAs can be used to purchase a wide variety of investments, including real estate, and why that choice can make sense for everyday investors.

“Self-Directed IRAs are a great tool for diversification if you don’t want to risk all your hard-earned money in the stock market. You have complete flexibility in the type and timing of your investments,” Long says. “By taking control of your retirement funds, you can reduce the risk of investing by purchasing something for your retirement that you know and understand. For many Self-Directed IRA owners, what they know best is investing in real estate in some form or another.”

Long conducted a book signing where he shared insights and strategies for building wealth using Self-Directed IRAs at this year’s past Quest Expo, the nation’s largest alternative investing conference. He and more than 55 financial industry experts provided case studies and practical information to educate and equip participants to take control of their financial future. Over 150 books were sold and signed that evening.

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