The Value of Gold Family

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Fees. It is never a fun subject to discuss, but it’s something you’ll run into with any investment. When you choose to self-direct your IRA into privately held assets, fees can range from the high to low end depending on the custodian. Understanding all your choices is important, so you can make the best decisions for your investment plan.

One fee plan that has provided the most value to our clients is Quest’s Gold Family plan. For the active investor that doesn’t want to deal with a fee for each transaction, the all-inclusive Gold Family plan is an attractive option. Encompassing nearly all transactional fees, the Gold Family plan makes it easy and cost effective for an active family of investors to self-direct their investments.

What is the Gold Family Plan?

At Quest, we offer different fee options for investors depending on the investments they plan to do. Some options work better than others, considering factors like the number of assets in the account or the value of an account.

The Gold Family plan allows up to 10 accounts to be covered by a flat annual fee. These accounts don’t have to be held by the same person, but can include immediate family. For example, your plan could include accounts from your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and in-laws. This can prove to be much more cost effective than each person opening their own account.

One of the great benefits of this option is that clients don’t have to worry about overhead fees that would be expected with most custodians. With the Gold Family plan, many of the fees are already included in the flat annual fee, including most maintenance and transaction fees. Not having to worry about which fees are associated with each transaction makes the Gold Family plan highly sought after for those who plan to be active investors with their SDIRAs.

The True Value of Gold Family

We all want to get the best deal, but there is more to “value” than just saving money. With the Gold Family plan, you also receive a special level of customer service designed specifically for our members.

The Gold Family Department was created to provide a “Gold Member Concierge Service.” Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are here to help you with account management, general IRA questions, and complex investments. The Gold Family team provides the highest level of value and exceptional customer service to our members. Plus, Gold Family members are invited to exclusive events and networking opportunities.

As a Gold Family Member, you will receive:

  • Exclusive concierge service with our dedicated Gold Family team
  • All-inclusive fees for up to 10 accounts included for immediate family
  • Expedited processing for investments and payments
  • Exclusive events, promotions, and networking opportunities
  • Simplified, flat fee structure

Becoming Part of the Gold Family

Making the switch to the Gold Family option is quick and easy! If you would like to look over the fee structure in more detail to see the true value of this plan, you can access our Gold Family Fee Schedule by clicking here!

For more information about getting started, you can always reach out to a Quest Trust IRA Specialists by emailing To learn more about how to get started investing with a self-directed IRA, schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with an IRA Specialist by clicking HERE.


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    1. No, adult children are welcome to join your Gold Family, up to the 10 account limit.

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