Executive Team

H. Quincy Long

Chief Executive Officer

H. Quincy Long is the President of Quest Trust Company and works in the Houston corporate office. Quincy has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1991, specializing in real estate, and has been a fee attorney for American Title Company. In 1990, Quincy received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston, and continued his education, receiving his Masters of Law in 1997. He has sat on the board of directors of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH), the second largest real estate club in the country, and maintains the title of Certified IRA Service Professional, CISP. Quincy is also the author of numerous articles on self-directed IRAs and other real estate related topics, many of which can be found on the Quest Trust Company website, and in addition, Dyches Boddiford and George Yeiter, CPA, co-authored with Quincy to write the book “Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs and Other Retirement Plans.”Widely known for his enthusiasm, attention to detail and knowledge of the Self-Directed retirement industry, he is one of the most sought after key note speakers in the nation. Quincy can often be spotted in his office reading and learning more to prepare for one his many, highly-attended lectures on topics including self-directed retirement plans, real estate, unrelated business income tax, land trusts, mortgage foreclosures, etc. Quincy enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with family and friends in his free time.

Nathan Long


As the President of Quest Trust Company, Nathan Long oversees the operations of the company and aids in improving the practices implemented. After joining his brother, Quincy and the Quest Trust Company team in 2007, Nathan has aided in growing the company to over ninety employees located in four different cities, with continued expansion expected in the near future. Prior to working at Quest Trust Company, Nathan was in the automotive industry for over 17 years as an upper level executive for Automotive Investment Group, AIG, and participated in growing the ABC Nissan Branch in Phoenix, Arizona. Nathan also holds the title of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), from the Institute of Certified Bankers. Throughout his time with Quest, Nathan has focused his time and efforts on providing superb customer service and developing excellent educational resources. As a devout vegan, Nathan loves animals and has a passion for cooking. In his spare time, he can be found working with rescued animals and travelling.

Forrest Clark

Vice President of Special Services

Forrest Clark serves as Executive Vice President and sits on Quest Trust Companys Board Committee, the leadership team responsible for setting the corporate strategy, goals and annual targets for the company. Forrest graduated from the University of Texas in 1966 and went on to serve in Germany during the Vietnam war as company commander of mechanized infantry company. In 1973, Forrest graduated from South Texas College of Law and continued in Human Resources Management for 15 years. In 1984, Forrest started a real estate closing company that specialized in HUD and VA foreclosures. In 1988, while Forrest worked at the HUD closing company, it became the largest contracted closing office in the nation. President of Quest Trust Company, H. Quincy Long and Forrest, both Real Estate Attorneys, began working together in 2003. As Vice President at Quest Trust Company, Forrest enjoys helping clients and staff with questions on asset valuations, law suits and other special projects. Forrest is married to Patricia Clark, a retired Presbyterian minister. Forrest and his wife have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Beatriz Adkins

Senior Vice President

Beatriz Oliva Adkins is the Senior Vice President within Quest Trust Company. After graduating from the University of Texas in San Antonio with a Bachelor’s degree in business management, Beatriz joined Quest Trust Company as an IRA Specialist. In her past several years with Quest, she has proved her extensive knowledge on finance and investing as well as her strong expertise in areas such as social media, management and sales techniques. Beatriz received the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional from the Institute of Certified Bankers in 2013, at the time making her the youngest CISP in the United States. Additionally, she sits on the Executive Management Committee, the leadership team responsible for setting the corporate strategy, annual goals and mission of the company. She is passionate about the advancement of women in the investment industry and serves as a mentor to many young women who work for Quest Trust Company. In her spare time, Beatriz enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband Chris and their daughter Penelope.

Ingrid Chavez

Marketing Officer

Ingrid Chavez joined Quest Trust Company in 2012 and currently holds the position of Marketing Officer and Certified IRA Specialist. Ingrid graduated from Houston Baptist University with her Bachelor of Science in Biology and since joining Quest fulltime, has held various positions throughout the company. Her expertise in promissory notes and private entities paved the way to her promotion to IRA Specialist and later to Marketing Officer. In 2014, Ingrid received the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional, after passing the examination by the American Bankers Association. Throughout her time at Quest Trust Company, Ingrid has managed the Dallas and Austin offices, assisted with the redevelopment of the Quest Trust website as well as the video and visual content used by the Marketing Department. As a bilingual IRA Specialist, Ingrid has been a strong asset to the company in developing client relationships with Spanish speakers. Additionally, she attends and speaks at seminars across the U.S. to engage investors on the benefits of diversifying their portfolios.

Anne Marie Hollonds

Sales Officer

Anne Marie joined Quest Trust Company in 2013 and currently serves as a Sales Officer.  After graduating from St. Edward’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication focused in Public Relations and Advertising, Anne Marie pursued a position as an IRA Specialist.  In 2014, she received the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional from the American Bankers Association.  Anne Marie’s strong sales background and degree focus motivated her to accept a position directing the Sales Department at Quest Trust Company.  In this role, she directly oversees all of the Houston and Dallas operations, business development and sales.  Anne Marie is one of the lead female public speakers at Quest Trust Company, and travels around the country educating investors on the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs.  She teaches Americans how to take control of their retirement through her experience at Quest and from personal experience starting to do her own note investments in her early 20s.  In 2018, she was approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission to be an instructor of real estate continuing education courses.  Additionally, Anne Marie manages the coordination of company events, including some of the largest and most successful events in the history of the company like the Quest Expo, Fright Night and the Online Boot Camp.

Johnathan Tran

Information Technology & Security Officer

Johnathan Tran is the Information Technology & Security Officer at Quest Trust Company, overseeing and providing leadership for the development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment throughout the company. Starting as the only information technology personnel at Quest IRA in 2012, he now oversees the IT and Systems division, as well as sets technology direction and coordinates infrastructure and service delivery across Quest Trust Company. He is responsible for IT units, which support enterprise applications, systems development and integration, enterprise data, research support, trainings, user support, audio and visual, infrastructure, communications, and information security.

Johnathan has coordinated over five office expansions in the state of Texas, two telecommunications system upgrades, and two complete IT infrastructure upgrades at Quest Trust Company; in 2018, he directed IT and Systems transition from Quest IRA to Quest Trust Company. He is a certified Salesforce Administrator and a member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals. In his spare time, he enjoys studying for additional technology certifications, traveling with his wife and furry friend, and is a passionate home chef who enjoys cooking diverse ethnic dishes.

Thi Valdez

Compliance Officer

Thi Valdez joined Quest Trust Company in 2017, and currently serves as the BSA Compliance Officer. Thi graduated with honors from the University of Houston in 2013, where she earned her Bachelors in Political Science and Global Business. Shortly after, Thi continued her education at Texas Southern University, where she earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Southern University and became a licensed attorney in 2017. Thi is a member of the Fiduciary & Investment Risk Management Association (FIRMA); she holds a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) designation and Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance from American Bankers Association.

Thi works intimately with the Board of Directors and other members of Executive Management to develop policies and procedures for the Company. She over sees the BSA Compliance Program and is the direct liaison between the Company and the Texas Department of Banking.

In her spare time, Thi enjoys exploring hanging out with her cat, Gumbo, and trying new experiences