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How Real Estate Syndication Works

Real estate syndication is a strategy that investors can use to pool their resources and invest in large real estate projects.  If you're looking to invest in large real estate projects but don't have the funds to get a project started on your own, syndication is a great strategy that you can use to get your foot in... [ Read More ]

Steps to set up a solo 401k

401k accounts are retirement accounts that are set up and managed by your employer. However, if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur that runs your own business, you may want to set up a 401k just for yourself.  Many people don't realize they have this option, but it's a great way to build up your savings for retirement.... [ Read More ]

Questions you should ask before opening multiple IRA accounts

Many people wonder if you can open multiple IRA accounts, and the short answer is yes, it is something that is legally allowed. However, just because it is legal doesn't necessarily mean that it's something you should do. There are many important things to take into consideration when opening multiple IRA accounts. Here are the key questions you... [ Read More ]

Three Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Options

If you want to supply your employees with retirement benefits, you have three major options. You can offer 401(k), SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA plans.  Each solution provides different advantages, so it's wise to learn the details on all three options and carefully compare them before making a choice. Contributions The SIMPLE IRA limits total yearly employee deposits... [ Read More ]

How to Roll Over a 401k to Roth IRA

When you leave a job where you had a 401k retirement plan, you'll need to determine what you want to do with your account. You have the option to rollover your account to an IRA or individual retirement account. Many people prefer a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA.  With a traditional IRA, you don't pay taxes on... [ Read More ]

How does a Solo 401k Work?

Solo 401k plans are employer-sponsored retirement accounts that offer self employed individuals with no common law employees other than a spouse the opportunity to establish a Profit Sharing Plan.  Many companies offer solo 401k accounts to their employees, but not many people understand exactly how they work.  Here's what you need to know about your solo 401k before... [ Read More ]

Characteristics of the best IRA custodian

The internal revenue service (IRS) decree holds that Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) should have a custodian. The custodian is a financial institution that holds the account's investments just for preservation. The custodian also ensures that all the government and IRS regulations are honored accordingly. While custodians are very easy to find, the problem is how to make the... [ Read More ]

Important criteria to consider when hiring an IRA custodian

If you are considering setting up an IRA, it is essential that you discuss significant criteria with an IRA specialist to determine whether a potential custodian is right for you.  Here is some advice to help you have the most productive discussion: Qualification status  To set up an IRA, you are required by law to use a qualified... [ Read More ]