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What are the 2023 Contribution Limits?

Another year has almost come and gone, and the temperature isn’t the only thing changing as the year comes to a close. The IRS recently announced that contribution limits for various IRAs and retirement accounts will be increasing this year, and we have all the updates! Many investors have already started planning for 2023, and you can join... [ Read More ]

How Do Retail Trends Affect Real Estate?

The real estate space is like a well-oiled machine. Just like many other industries, there are numerous factors that play a part in the overall success or failure for real estate investors. With there being so many outside influences with the ability to impact the real estate industry, it’s so important to not only be following trends in... [ Read More ]

Secrets to Legally Building Wealth Tax-Free Using Self-Directed IRAs Revealed

NEWS PROVIDED TO PR NEWSWIRE BY Quincy Long  Author H. Quincy Long spoke and signed books at Quest Expo, offering strategies for making the most of retirement accounts—before retirement—and empowering investors to create income and (re)build savings. Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed by H. Quincy Long provides a clear overview of alternative investment strategies that give financial investors more control over their investment choices and... [ Read More ]

Thoughts to Consider: Were the Inflation Rates Transitory?

Written by Tom Olson - Special Guest Contributor In 1980, the United States deficit was 30% of gross domestic product GDP. As of fall of 2022, it’s 122%. Why the drastic difference? Let’s think about it. In the 80’s, the government could raise rates with little to no worry about what it would do to affect the U.S. deficit.... [ Read More ]

Quest Trust Company Fees Explained- A QTC Schedule Deep Dive

All Fees Explained At Quest Trust Company our World Famous Customer Service begins and ends with our clients. So, when it comes to our fee structure we want to keep it simple and transparent. Also, every dollar you spend on a Quest Trust fee goes back into making sure your self-directed IRA experience with us is the best... [ Read More ]

How Syndicators Benefit from Self-Directed IRAs

Raising capital for deals may be easier than you thought when you have a trusted IRA custodian working alongside you! With over 28 trillion dollars sitting in retirement accounts, self-directed IRAs can be a great option for syndicators looking to raise money. For investment sponsors looking to broaden their investment possibilities, companies like Quest Trust Company makes it... [ Read More ]

Is the HOA Against Real Estate Investors? – And Other Myths

Recently, a prestigious outlet published an article that made claims about disputes between the Homeowners’ Association and investors buying property in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, while these claims hold some truth, this article lacked the proper nuance about the reality of the situation. This incident was not between the HOA and all real estate investors, but hedge funds that... [ Read More ]

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Directed IRAs

IRAs are popular with Americans, there is no question about that.  As of 2020, over 47.9 million Americans, or about 37.3% of households own a traditional IRA (Investment Company Institute). The financial perks of these accounts are obvious, and each year more and more people open their own IRA to take advantage. Traditional IRAs are restrictive, but not... [ Read More ]

The Importance of Paying Attention to Your IRA Investments

It’s property tax time in Mississippi as I write this in August, 2022. It reminds me of the importance of paying attention to your IRA investments.  Every year on the last Monday of August tax liens which are still delinquent are sold at public auction (MS Code Sec. 27-41-1 (2020)). The tax collector will deliver to the purchaser... [ Read More ]