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How to Effectively Plan for the Future – Probate Discussion with Attorney Emily Bohls

How soon is too soon to start planning for the future? Never! When it comes to making future plans and arrangements, most people seem to forget about potential probate scenarios that may arise. Although, your retirement account might have the potential to bypass probate, it’s important to understand how this process could affect your self-directed retirement plan. Attorney,... [ Read More ]

How to Submit a Real Estate Investment with the QTC Investment Hub

Change the way you submit an investment with the new, online QTC Investment Hub in the Client Portal! You now have the ability to submit new real estate investments and much more in the portal – and you can talk to a live representative at the same time. This means your investments are taken care of faster than... [ Read More ]

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a step by step process to help protect your IRA from investment fraud and to determine if it is the right investment for your IRA. Investment is the application of money in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation in value. All investments have risk and there is a constant battle between... [ Read More ]

How to Make a Contribution to Your Account

One of the easiest ways to help your account grow is by making yearly contributions. Putting in a set, allowable amount every year can propel your account forward without the funds ever touching an investment. Of course, doing investments in the account will help you make the most of your self-directed IRA and the compound interest from investments,... [ Read More ]

How to Navigate the New Client Portal

It’s always been part of our human nature to push boundaries in order to achieve the next, great accomplishment. First, it was successfully getting an airplane off the ground. Then, we sent a man to the moon! Now it’s our turn for advancement. For Quest, our way of taking things to the next level is the Client Portal. ... [ Read More ]

When Does It Make Sense To Do A Joint Venture W/ Guest John Hyre

Joint ventures might be difficult for some, but not for the experts! In this 2-part guest article, tax attorney John Hyre joins me to shed light on joint ventures, when and how they work, actual case studies, and other helpful tips you should consider before entering into a JV with your Self-Directed IRA. If you have ever been... [ Read More ]

Prohibited Transactions and Disqualified Basics Interview with Quincy Long

Understanding prohibited transaction rules and how to follow them is arguably the most important part of self-directed IRA investing. Sometimes, it’s easy for new IRA investors to get caught up in the excitement of possibilities that come along with self-directed investing strategies that they forget to take the time to research what isn’t allowed with IRAs. This is... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Reasons Why Americans are Turning to Self-Directed IRAs

We’re about half way into a new year and it’s time to get serious about your financial outlook for 2021.  Self-Directed accounts are changing the traditional ways of investing and helping people take more control by giving them more freedom.  I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things you need to know about Self-Directed IRAs that is... [ Read More ]

What is Elder Fraud and How do you Notice It

Aging is inevitable. As you continue to get older every day, it’s important to understand how to protect yourself and your assets from those looking to take advantage of older, more vulnerable investors. The term that has been given to this practice is Elder Fraud. Many people don’t realize how common it can be for scammers to target elders, and... [ Read More ]