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What Common Mistakes Can I Avoid When Setting up a Self-Directed IRA?

Do you want to take more control over your retirement investment accounts? Have you been considering a self-directed IRA but worried about the rules? You want to diversify your portfolio - outside of the traditional investment markets such as stocks and bonds. That's where a self-directed IRA comes into play. It allows you to diversify while also keeping... [ Read More ]

How to Set Up a Self Directed IRA: A 5 Step Guide

Investing for retirement is something worth beginning as early as possible. Current annual costs for someone over the age of 65 are approximately $50,000. So you'll need a significant amount in your retirement account in order to live comfortably during this time. One of the best ways to begin saving is a self-directed IRA, but not everyone knows how... [ Read More ]

Know the Difference: IRA Transfer vs. Rollover

In order to live comfortably during retirement, you'll need to start saving as soon as you can. Opening an IRA account is widely known as one of the most reliable ways to invest in your future. There are two major ways to fund your IRA: transfers and rollovers. Not everyone understands the difference between the two, though. Not... [ Read More ]

Keep your 401k plan on the right track

Many adults pay into 401k plans without fully understanding what the investment means. There is certainly the overarching understanding that a retirement plan is for life after working a corporate job.  What does a healthy 401K account look like, though? You may want to consider the following concepts when determining if your retirement plan is on the right... [ Read More ]

3 tips for reducing taxes on your retirement income

Minimizing taxes for future retirement income is not always easy, but it is very important for putting together an effective retirement plan. For example, although many retirees expect to pay lower tax rates on their IRA or Individual 401k after they have left the workforce, their tax rates may still go up due to social security taxes and... [ Read More ]

How Real Estate Syndication Works

Real estate syndication is a strategy that investors can use to pool their resources and invest in large real estate projects.  If you're looking to invest in large real estate projects but don't have the funds to get a project started on your own, syndication is a great strategy that you can use to get your foot in... [ Read More ]

Steps to set up a solo 401k

401k accounts are retirement accounts that are set up and managed by your employer. However, if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur that runs your own business, you may want to set up a 401k just for yourself.  Many people don't realize they have this option, but it's a great way to build up your savings for retirement.... [ Read More ]