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Quest Employees Join Together to Protect Local State Parks

With more than an estimated 300,000 tons of plastic littered each year, the ongoing need for help in our state and national park grows. While we might not even realize it, the average person will create around 4 and a half pounds of trash a day. And where does that trash go? Most of the litter ends up... [ Read More ]

Small Business Myths Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

Have you ever considered entrepreneurship? In the past, the possibility to create success by being a business owner was limited to a select few, but things are different. It’s 2022! Times have changed, and there is now more opportunity than ever to own a small business. Getting started might not be as difficult as you think either, but... [ Read More ]

Hard Money Loans Made Easy

There are many financing options for real estate investors available today. One of the most popular options has become the hard money loan. A hard money loan is a loan collateralized by a hard asset (in most cases this would be real estate). One of the biggest differences between a hard money loan and a conventional loan is... [ Read More ]

Are You Up to Date with the Latest Secure Act 2.0 Changes?

It may seem like it’s been a while since an update has come out regarding the Secure Act 2.0, but that just changed! As of last Monday, the proposed bill has passed the House of Representatives and is now at the Senate level. There are several important sections in the bill, but there are a few that stick... [ Read More ]

Grow Your Retirement Savings with Multifamily in a Self-Directed IRA

Building wealth and saving enough for retirement can be frustrating when you don’t have control over your money. Most people think they can only invest in publicly traded investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs… but that isn’t true at all. With self-directed IRAs, you can diversify your investment portfolio into private assets like real estate, notes,... [ Read More ]

After Opening an Account, What’s The Next Step?

Now that your account is open, you can take the next step – funding your account! There are three major ways to fund your IRA, which include making contributions, initiating a transfer, or doing a rollover. You might also be interested in doing a conversion once your accounts are open. Learn more about Roth Conversions on our website..... [ Read More ]

3 Reasons Millennials and Gen Z are Turning to Self-Directed IRAs

A big shift in the investing world is coming. As younger generations begin inheriting family wealth, more and more millennials – and even members of Gen Z – are understanding the importance of growing their money and saving for their financial future. The millennials and Gen Z of today hold more economic power than any generation that came... [ Read More ]

Investing in Cryptocurrency & How to Hold it in Your Self-Directed IRA

As the world moves deeper and deeper into the digital realm, Quest is making sure your Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) is able to keep up with today’s technology and investing trends. One of the most sought after and discussed investments in the world right now is cryptocurrency, an asset you can now hold in your Quest SDIRA. As lucrative... [ Read More ]

Opening an IRA before the Tax Deadline Could Help You Save

2021 may be long gone by now, but taxpayers still have the chance to save on their 2021 income taxes by contributing to a traditional IRA before the Tax Filing Deadline. Opening a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) and contributing could help you lower your taxes. This simple strategy is one of a few ways you can still pay taxes... [ Read More ]

How SDIRA Investing Can Make You an Entrepreneur

Many people often dream of breaking out of the traditional 9-5 world and becoming an entrepreneur. The thought of being your own boss and working on your own terms is enticing but trying to figure out how to do it can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to have an idea, a business plan, and a goal,... [ Read More ]