How to Locate Forms and Submit Secure Information in the Client Portal

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Uploading documents and finding Quest forms is safe and simple with the Secure Document Upload feature located in your Client Portal. Do you need to submit a Transfer Form or update funding paperwork? With the Secure Document Upload system, you have the ability to view forms and then upload and submit any document you may need for your account(s) or investment(s).

When you need to find investment forms, account statements, and other important reporting forms, you can locate these easier than ever in your Client Portal! When you log into your Client Portal, you will see a blue button on the left-hand side titled “Forms”. By clicking on this, you’ll have every internal Quest form at your fingertips! 

Uploading Secure Information and other Forms

Now that you have located and completed your forms, you will also want to know how to upload any additional secured information. You do so with features in the Client Portal! To access the document upload feature, you will first log in to your Client Portal and locate the drop down tab at the top that says “Forms”. When you click on this drop down tab, there will be an option that shows “Secure Document Upload”. It is the third option down.

Once you click it, you will be taken to the Secure Document Upload page. Here, you will be able to input all applicable information and safely submit your document. The fields will ask for:

  1. The subject – This is where you will let us know what exactly you are uploading
  2. The attention to – This is who the document will need to go to 
  3. The department  – It’s okay if you don’t know the department you document needs to go to
  4. A Description – This is an optional section that will ask for a description of the document 

Once you have filled out the necessary information, then you can upload the actual document by attaching it to this page. You can directly upload it from your computer or drag-and-drop the file. From there, you are done! After, you be re-directed to the Quest Trust Company website, and our Quest team will review the submission within 24-48 hours for you.  

Finding Other Helpful Forms

There might come a time when you will want to review other important reporting form. With only a couples clicks, you can download your monthly and annual statements, 1099 tax forms, and 5498 tax forms, too. To locate these downloadable documents, you will first log in to your client portal. On the main dashboard, you will see a drop-down tab at the very top labeled “Documents”. Here, you will have the option to click on which report you would like to view. 

After you click on the document, it will take you to a page with a full list of your forms. Simply click “view” on the right hand side for whichever document you choose. You have the option to download or print the form. 

If you encounter any issues or if you need immediate assistance, you can contact a Quest representative by emailing or calling our offices at 1-855-386-4727.

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How to Update your Personal Information in our Client Portal

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When you need to update your personal information and account security, you have the ability to do so in your Client Portal. Making changes to old passwords, contact information, account beneficiaries, and more is possible – and you don’t have to fill out any forms to do it, either!

Account Management

To access the Account Management section in your account, you’ll start by logging in to your Client Portal and locating the blue button on the right titled “Account Management”. By clicking on this, you will be taken to a page that give you the option to select what information you’d like to update. You can also reach this page by clicking on the drop down tab at the top, which also is labeled “Account Management”.

Once you are there, your screen will be on the “My Settings” dashboard. You can set your preferred time zone and language here. Additionally, there will be new, dark blue tabs on the right hand side now where the blue buttons used to be, all which have to deal with managing your account.

Password Changes

If you click on “Change Password”, you will have the ability to update your old password to something new. You will have to verify your old password along with confirming your new password. Once you have decided on a password, you can hit save and the information will be updated for your account. It is a good idea to change your password often to ensure your account is as secure as possible. 

Contact Information

If you click on “Change Contact Information”, you will have the ability to update your personal contact information. Legal address, mailing address, phone number and additional emails can be changed in this section. Click the save button at the bottom when you are finished, and the updates will be saved.

Updating Beneficiaries

To update the beneficiaries on your account, you’ll want to click “Change of Beneficiary”. Here, you will be able to either complete a new beneficiary designation through a secure E-signature link or you can download the PDF version to fill out and upload. We will have the information updates as soon as it has been reviewed. 

Payment method

You can also view the credit card method you have on file for your Quest accounts, but at this time, you do not have the option to update this information in the Client Portal. But be on the lookout, because this feature – plus many others – are on the way! 


 If you have questions about updating your personal information like this or anything else regarding account management, we’re happy to answer any questions! You can contact a Quest representative by emailing or calling our offices at 1-855-386-4727 and we will be able to help you out!

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How to Submit a Real Estate Investment with the QTC Investment Hub

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Change the way you submit an investment with the new, online QTC Investment Hub in the Client Portal! You now have the ability to submit new real estate investments and much more in the portal – and you can talk to a live representative at the same time. This means your investments are taken care of faster than ever before, because in just a few easy steps, you can have your new investments uploaded in a matter of minutes. 

How to Submit a New Investment 

The days of emailing back and forth or picking up the phone are over! When you’re ready to submit a new real estate, simply log in to your Client Portal.  With the QTC Investment Hub, all you need to do is fill in the step-by-step investment information and funding details, then your investment is ready to be reviewed for funding. 

5 simple steps! 

  1. Log in to your client portal and under the “Investment” tab, click the green button that says “Submit New Investment” 
  2. Select the type of asset you want to purchase and what account you’d like to use 
  3. Share the investment details with us and how you’d like us to send the funds 
  4. Confirm the information and special instructions, then upload your supporting documents 
  5. Final review and last confirmation section, and hit submit! 

* Real estate investments will come with a series of specific questions and requests for supporting documentation.*

Once your document has been reviewed, you will receive an email confirmation notification letting you know your documents are ready for your “read and approved” signature. This status will also update under the pending investment client portal submission section. The last thing you will need to do is confirm the information and pay any associated fees, and you’re finished! Understand that at this point, your investment is placed in a queue for final review with our Quality Control team, but once everything has been cleared, the funds are released. 

If you have a more complicated investment, like a split asset or an additional funding, no need to worry. You can still take care of this in the QTC Investment Hub. Split investments will require information for all involved parties, which will add an additional field during the first part of the submission process. Additional investments will work the same way as regular new investments, but will allow you the option to select if the request is tied to a current investment. 

Checking the Status of an Investment 

If you want to stay up-to-date with your new investment, you can! To check the status of your investment, we’ve given you online access to your very own investment tracker in your Client Portal. Once your new investment is submitted in the portal, you can track the funding status by click on the pending investment in the “Investments” tab. 

If you haven’t logged in to your Client Portal, now is the perfect time. With all the new features, investing into real estate with your SDIRA at Quest will never be the same. If you have more questions about how to submit a real estate investment through the QTC Investment Hub, reach out to a representative today at 281.492.3434 and let us help you get started!

How to Make a Contribution to Your Account

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One of the easiest ways to help your account grow is by making yearly contributions. Putting in a set, allowable amount every year can propel your account forward without the funds ever touching an investment. Of course, doing investments in the account will help you make the most of your self-directed IRA and the compound interest from investments, but remaining diligent with your contributions is always one sure-fire way to know your account is growing each year no matter what. 

With half of the calendar year gone, the amount of time you have to contribute for the 2021 tax year is creeping closer than it might feel like! Rather than waiting until the last minute to get your contributions in, decide if it makes sense to send your yearly contributions in now. The last thing you want is to be left scrambling at the last minute, so make sure you’ve done all you can to maximize your accounts for the year and plan accordingly for your yearly contributions. 

How Much Can I Contribute to My Self-Directed IRA

Every year, the IRS sets certain limitations on the amount you are able to contribute to your IRA per year and there are specific requirements and rules that must be met in order to contribute to certain account type. Contributions aren’t required, though, so you don’t have to make a deposit every year. If you do choose to maximize your IRA contribution for the year, make sure you’re aware of how much you can put in each account.

Find the amounts below by clicking on the account for more information:

How do I Make a Contribution to My Self-Directed IRA

When preparing to make your contribution, it’s important to remember that all IRA contributions must be made via check, wire transfer, or ACH. Quest Trust Company cannot accept cash or 3rd party services, such as Paypal. We also ask that you always note which tax year the contributions are for. 

When sending in your contributions, all funding methods should have the correct vesting (Quest Trust Company FBO [Client Name] IRA [Client Account #]. If you plan to send your contributions electronically, you can find the Delivery Instructions in your Client Portal.

If you prefer to send in a check, you can send those to: 17171 Park Row Drive, Suite #100, Houston Texas 77084

As always, if you have questions, feel free to call in to our office at 281.492.3434 or schedule a consultation with an IRA Specialist HERE.

How to Navigate the New Client Portal

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It’s always been part of our human nature to push boundaries in order to achieve the next, great accomplishment. First, it was successfully getting an airplane off the ground. Then, we sent a man to the moon! Now it’s our turn for advancement. For Quest, our way of taking things to the next level is the Client Portal. 

If you haven’t logged in to your Client Portal recently, you might be surprised to see that we have done many updates and have added new features all across the platform, as well. All these changes and new creations were designed to make self-directing your IRA a quick and simple task. And although change might sounds a bit scary, this article is here to help you navigate your Client Portal and all the new features it has to offer!

Navigating the Client Portal

First and foremost, you’ll need to know how to log in to the portal. You can start by going to the Login page on our website by visiting In the upper right hand corner, you will find an orange button that says “Client Portal”. This will take you to the portal, and here, you can log in as a first-time user. Now, you will have to complete some security information, like your primary email address, the last six of your social security number your date of birth and your Quest account number, but once this is complete, you will be ready to head into the main dashboard. 

Your main Client Portal dashboard will be your one-stop-shop for anything and everything you might need regarding your Self-Directed IRA! From this main page, you have all the resources at your fingertips. On the left hand side, there will be numerous blue buttons with functions – like making a new investment or viewing your account balance. You can also view secure messages, pay expenses, submit Fair Market Valuations, and more. Simply click any of the buttons to be taken to the page of your choice. You can see an example in the image up above.

Client Portal Features

These new Client Portal features are here to provide you online access for any task you might need to complete. Whether that be submitting a new investment in the QTC Investment Hub or updating your personal or account information, you no longer have to call or email in to Quest in order to take care of your needs! If you need to view your account activity or track any of the investments inside of the accounts, all you have to do is log in to your Client Portal and you can see all the assets, reports, cash balances, and more! You can open new accounts, manage current ones, make payments for your investments – or your Quest fees – and even stay up-to-date with upcoming events. 

Whats New?

One of the biggest additions to the Client Portal is the brand new QTC Investment Hub!

The QTC Investment Hub allows you to submit and track new investments 100% online. You’ll no longer have to email or call back-and-forth. With the ability to upload all the information yourself, you can have your new investments uploaded in a matter of minutes with only a few easy steps. You can also view real-time updates for your new investment! Once submitted in your Client Portal, you can track the funding status in real time with the new Investment Tracker. 

Change doesn’t have to be scary! We’ve made these new features easy and straightforward, so even those who aren’t as familiar with online systems can still feel comfortable using the new Client Portal. You can also reference tutorial videos, created just for the Client Portal! With over 25 detailed videos, there will be step-by-step processes and other information to help you for anything you might need to accomplish! 

If you have any questions about how to navigate the portal or need help finding something inside of the Client Portal, you can always talk to a Quest specialist in live time through the chat feature. When you speak to a representative from Quest, you can feel confident that you’re speaking with an experienced, well-trained team member with extensive knowledge on your topic. Following our core values to always make our clients’ day, we will go above and beyond to ensure you’re getting the most from your new and improved Client Portal. 

If you’re ever looking for help, want to open up an SDIRA, or would just like to learn more about how to get started investing with a self-directed IRA, schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with an IRA Specialist by clicking HERE.

How To Use the New QTC Investment Hub in Your Client Portal

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Modern investing requires modern resources! Being able to conduct your business and manage your self-directed retirement accounts virtually is almost a necessity. Quest is always striving to add value to your customer experience by providing the latest and most innovative resources to you through the Client Portal. 

Our newest feature is our QTC Investment Hub, a 100% online investment hub where you can upload new investments and check on current ones faster than ever before. In this article, we’ll help you explore all the new ways you can use the QTC Investment Hub. 


The biggest announcement for the QTC Investment Hub is the ability to submit new investments online! The days of going back and forth through emails and missing calls are long gone. In five simple steps you can now upload your new investment through the Client Portal. Once you have confirmed the investment information and submitted your supporting documents your investment is ready to be reviewed and funded with your “read and approved” signature.

Don’t worry if your investment requires a bit more work. Do you plan on doing a split or additional investment? Not a problem with the QTC Investment Hub. We’ve thought of everything when it comes to making your experience investing in notes, real estate and other private assets simple and possible!


The QTC Investment Hub also gives you the ability to track the status of an investment with the Live Investment Tracker. Track your investment right there in your Client Portal after you hit submit by clicking on “Investments” then “Pending Investments-Client Portal Submissions”. Your investment tracker can give you real-time updates on where your deal is in the process! Even if you notice that you have inputted incorrect documents, you can replace them in your Client Portal with the QTC Investment Hub.

You will also be able to go back and retrieve these online document uploads for your records. Simply go into the portal, click on “Pending Investments” and then to the Client Portal submission area. Here, not only can you check the status, but you can also view and download documents you’ve previously submitted. 

Access Transaction Specialists in Live Time with Questions

We want to make sure you don’t feel lost navigating these new features, so we now offer the ability to chat with live Transactions Specialists through the Client Portal. The direct message feature in the QTC Investment Hub will allow you to send your specialist a message and they can respond back to you in real time. To get to the chat feature, you simply need to click on the box in the lower right hand corner of your client portal and start typing! 

It can be frustrating learning new technology, but we want to continue to offer our clients the best features to make self-directing your retirement as efficient as possible. You can rest assured knowing that these new online features are safe and secure through security pin, confirmation checkpoints, and security verification. If you have questions about how to use the new online QTC Investment Hub and the ways it can add value to your investing experience, be sure to give a Quest Trust representative a call today at 855-FUN-IRAs (386.4727)! To learn more about how to get started investing with a self-directed IRA, schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with an IRA Specialist by clicking HERE.