Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource

All of our Quest Trust offices (Houston, Dallas and Austin) are open, accessible to clients and non-clients, and all of our online systems in place. Although we are currently running with some staff in office and some staff at home, we remain open for appointments and document drop off/pick-up. Our employees are ready to continue providing you the highest level of customer service and meet your IRA needs.  We thank you for being patient with us during this transition time, and continue to direct you to towards all of our online platforms as the best source of communication for our online education or anything you may need help with!

Over the past years, we know life hasn’t been normal, and all of us at Quest Trust Company would like to thank you for the continued support and respect for our company and our employees. As a small business, we have had to take many factors into consideration before making any firm decisions. We understand the importance and magnitude of these outcomes, and have always made our final decisions with you – our clients – in mind.

With recent announcements from the CDC that masks will no longer be required for those who are fully vaccinated, we have decided to update our mask policy. After much thought and consideration, QUEST TRUST COMPANY WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRING MASKS IN ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS.

Masks are still encouraged but will now be optional for those who visit our offices. Our employees may also continue to wear masks; we appreciate your understanding. We ask that if you feel sick, have been experiencing Covid symptoms, or have been exposed to Covid to please continue to follow CDC guidelines and remain at home. These difficult decisions regarding our clients’ safety are never easy to make, and we value your feedback. If you have any comments or concerns, we gladly welcome every opportunity to make your experience with us the best it can be. We will continue to follow the safety protocols we have in place and are excited to see you once again!

Quest Trust Company's Response

Quest Trust Company is committed to our clients and we continue to have operational plans in place for our current circumstance. To continue to provide the best level of service, Quest continues to closely monitor and follow all government and CDC guidelines. For Quest clients, business is still being conducted as usual, the only big difference being that some of our employees are still working from home. Most of our employees are making their way back into the office, but we remind all clients and prospective clients to still practice and maintain social distancing guidelines if planning to come in to any one of our office locations as we reopen. As of now, clients will be able to come into the office as there will be Quest staff members present in every Quest office.

We still encourage clients to use our online features as much as possible, but our offices will be available for any document drop off or pick up. Of course, our 24-48 hours turnaround time is still being honored, too. Our Expense Pay feature in the online portal is also a great system designed to allow clients to still take care of any account expenses without having to come in to the office. For non-clients, our ACH portal is also available for any payments that need to be made to an SDIRA account here at Quest.  For any information on how to use these features, please send us an email at

At Quest, we are committed to the safety of our clients and staff. Please continue to check back for more updates on our Quest Trust offices and operations.

Our educational resources are still available for you, too! We continue to host our weekly classes online for the time being, with an online webinar every Tuesday and the new Self-Directed IRA Saturday at 12pm. Our SDIRA Educational and Networking Socials will also be streamed online and in person at our offices (Houston, Austin & Dallas), and our current calendar of events can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. All of these classes are FREE resources for you, and we will be covering all sorts of topics ranging from SDIRA rules, investment strategies, COVID updates, and more.


Document Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Clients are able to either drop-off or pick-up documents from our staff in one of the following three ways:

  • Clients are able to either drop-off or pick-up documents from our staff in all of our offices, but still recommend one of the following three ways to minimize physical contact:
    • Communicate electronically with our staff in the event that a document may be able to be provided to you or received from you online. Through our secure upload system and Adobe sign programs, we have secure procedures in place to allow documents be sent and received electronically.
    • Mail documents to our Houston Office using the address below, or request that our staff mail a document to your address listed on file. Our Austin and Dallas offices are now receiving mail, as well.

    17171 Park Row, Suite 100

    Houston, TX 77084

    • Schedule an appointment to come to our Houston, Austin or Dallas office to pick-up documents. If you choose this option, communicate your specific needs with our Front Desk Receptionist in an effort to ensure we have appropriate staff available to assist.
Quest Trust Offices and Events

We have moved all of our weekly classes online, where you can still learn and engage in live time with our speakers. Every webinar has an active moderator online to answer questions and keep you updated with new events and education. Quest is bringing in guest speakers from across the nation to make sure we’re bringing you the latest and greatest information and knowledge for today’s changing times.  Check out our upcoming events HERE .


The #QuestCares Campaign

We created the Quest Cares Campaign for one reason…because we CARE. Starting in May, Quest Trust Company launched our #QuestCares campaign to show our support for our first responders and the families affected by COVID-19 related hardships. Quest Trust Company donated to 10 COVID-19 related charities to do our part to support those who need it the most. We are dedicated to continuing this campaign for you, our clients; for the world; and for creating a kinder tomorrow – today.

CARES Act and How it Impacts Retirement Accounts

The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act) was signed into law in late March 2020. This legislation is designed to provide relief to both individuals and businesses due to the Coronavirus. Additionally, there are special provisions relating to retirement accounts that you may be able to take advantage of if you have been affected by COVID-19.

CARES Act Retirement Account Related Provisions:

  • Hardship Distribution
    Retirement account holders are able to take a hardship distribution of up to $100,000, additionally waiving the 10% early withdrawal penalty. While the distribution is still taxable, the amount can be repaid into the account over three years.
  • 401(k) Loans Increased
    Loans from 401(k)s were permissible prior to the legislation passing, however the limit was increased to a maximum of the lesser of $100,000 or 100% of the account. Previously, the limit was the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of the account.
  • Required Minimum Distributions Suspended
    RMDs for 2020 are suspended for individuals required to take distributions from their IRAs or 401(k)s. For individuals who already took their RMD for 2020, they may rollover the amount into an IRA.High Deductible Health Plans Can Cover Coronavirus Costs.
  • High Deductible Health Plans Can Cover Coronavirus Costs.
    The Internal Revenue Service today advised that high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) can pay for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related testing and treatment, without jeopardizing their status. This also means that an individual with a high deductible health plan that covers these costs may continue to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Reference links:

  • IRS Coronavirus Related Relief for Retirement Plans and IRAs Q&A’s. Click Here 
  • IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments. Click Here
Tax Filing Deadline

As of now, the deadline for filing your 2021 taxes is April 15, 2022. Typically, April 15 is designated by the U.S. government as the day taxes are due every year (unless April 15 falls on a weekend or a holiday, in which case the filing deadline is pushed to the following business day).

Client Testimonials


“…Thank your for your email this morning and thank you for all of your help and guidance throughout the process of closing out this project. It was not an easy project on our side and I don’t know if it would have worked out in a positive way without your help and the help from the rest of the team at Quest. It was amazing how well your company functioned on my behalf knowing all the while most of you were dealing with a lot of additional stresses and changes. It truly was amazing. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Michael G.

I want to thank Quest for the jump start on showing me how to make my investments work for me and the adversity of investments. During this time I have been able to get in contact and have my questions answered by a Quest representative right away. It’s great to tune into the live casts and keep learning and growing with my investments. Thank You.

Teresa M.

By having our IRA at Quest we have the opportunity to invest in real estate; therefore we didn’t lose in the stock market and still make 14% on our IRA loans. Thank you Quest!

Terry K.

Thank you, for taking my calls and answering my questions. I would just like to say I really like doing business with Quest Trust Company. I would just like to say other companies may be bigger, but your company is better. I just want you to know that you people at Quest are doing it right by talking to your clients.  I will tell my friends about how well I am treated by the staff at Quest.

Karen C.

Over the last 15 years I’ve used Quest Trust Company to invest in closely held stock, private equity real estate partnerships and in direct real estate.  Everyone there has always been friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in seeing my retirement funds grow.  For anyone interested in using their IRA to invest in non-traditional opportunities, I’d certainly recommend Quest Trust.

David R.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at