The Basic FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked investing questions (FAQs) about IRAs, self directed IRA, Roth IRA and related investments.





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  • How to Streamline Private Loans in your SDIRA with Quest Supervisor Robyn Ruston

    Thank you for joining me today. I have Quest’s Dallas Office Supervisor and transaction specialist Robyn Ruston here with me today. She’s an expert when it comes to almost anything involving real estate, notes, or private entity purchases. Today, we are going to be talking about how to streamline the ...

  • Buying Real Estate in Your IRA

    1.  Who is H. Quincy Long and why do I care? H. Quincy Long, who holds the designation of CISP (Certified IRA Services Professional), is CEO/President of Quest Trust Company, Inc., a self-directed IRA third party administrator with offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas as well as Mason, Michigan.  Mr. Long has ...

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Debt Financed Real Estate in an IRA

    Good news!  You can buy real estate in your traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA, your 401(k), your Coverdell Education Savings Account for the kids, and even in your Health Savings Account.  Even better, your IRA can borrow the money for the purchase or even take over a property subject ...

  • Why Your IRA May Owe Taxes: To Pay or Not to Pay? – That is the Question

    By: H. Quincy Long A. Introduction Many people are surprised to learn that, as discussed below, there are 2 ways in which an IRA or 401(k) investment in an entity may cause the retirement plan to owe tax on its income or profits from that investment. This does not necessarily mean that ...

  • Six Widely Held Untruths About Self Directed IRAs

    By H. Quincy Long for Self-Directed Source Blog There is a lot of confusion over self-directed IRAs and what is and is not possible. In this article we will discuss six of the biggest self-directed IRA myths. 1)      Purchasing anything other than CDs, stocks, mutual funds or annuities is illegal in an ...

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