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Your #1 Guide to Building True Tax Free Wealth
If you want to become a successful Real Estate Investor, you MUST understand the different uses of money. This includes uses of your own money as well as Other People’s Money (O.P.I.). What most people fail to realize is that money has different uses and purposes. If applied correctly, you can establish long term wealth, decrease taxation, and maximize your income and profits. By using a Self-Directed IRA, you can accomplish all of the above. This presentation will teach you different strategies in building wealth for today, as well as wealth for retirement. The world famous staff of Quest Trust Company, Inc. strives to provide the best education to our clients and to the public. We feel that an educated investor is the best client to have. You cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to learn from the leading industry provider of self-directed IRAs & qualified plans.

How to Borrow (and Lend) More Private Money with Self-Directed IRAs
Private Money Lending, can be one of the most safe, secure and predictable ways to invest your self-directed IRA. Creating a loan is one of the easiest investment concepts to understand, as banks have been loaning money for over a century. Along with potentially great predictable returns you have multiple exit strategies- should something go wrong with your loan and you have secured the loan properly. Come learn the huge benefits of this “passive” investment within your IRA whether you are a lender and/or a borrower from IRAs.

Maximizing Contributions & Gains with Your Self-Directed Retirement Plan
Don’t miss this class!  You’ll be briefed on updates in contributions, important changes in tax codes, and potential investment strategies for the upcoming year.  Additionally, the presenter will focus on how to contribute the maximum amount of funds that will help to prepare not only for retirement, but also healthcare and education expenses.  After this class, you’ll leave with a better understanding of your financial options and an improved strategy for the upcoming year.


Analyzing SDIRA Case Studies: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
In this class, you will get to experience some case studies of Quest Clients and their stories. While we really enjoy presenting on “GOOD” investments and strategies with SDIRAs, we think that a lot, if not more, can be learned from the ones that didn’t go as anticipated.

Roth Conversions: Learn How to Supercharge Your Retirement
By now you have probably heard about the opportunity to convert your tax deferred funds (Traditional IRA & Traditional 401(k)) in your retirement account into tax free funds (Roth IRA & Roth 401(k)). Although converting your funds into a Roth IRA opens up the opportunity to have tax-free wealth later in life, it is a very personal financial decision that can be affected by many factors and variables in one’s life. In this class, you will see the ins and outs of a Roth conversion accompanied by a few case studies of people who have done it.

Prohibited Transactions: An Analysis of What NOT To Do In Your IRA
Prohibited transactions are one of the great debates in the world of self-directed retirement plans. Some transactions are very easy to identify as a prohibited transaction and other transactions aren’t so clear. Quest Trust Company has put together a presentation on a practical look at understanding prohibited transactions that you will not want to miss.

Get More Self-Directed IRA Options with Real Estate Options
In this presentation, H. Quincy Long will talk about the power of using Real Estate Options as an investment strategy in a self-directed IRA. Real Estate Options, and options in general, are one of the most underutilized investment strategies in self-directed IRAs. A properly structured real estate option agreement has the potential of paying off in many different ways. Having as many investment options as possible is one the important factors in being a successful investor. Some may call it having all the proper investment tools to work with but really it is just having as many different investment options available to your IRA as possible. Take this opportunity to add another tool to your investment tool belt and come learn about real estate options in self-directed IRAs.

The Little IRA That Could
Many people think that they don’t have enough money to get started with self-directed retirement accounts. Quest Trust Company, Inc., formerly Entrust Retirement Services, Inc., believes that as long as you have the education and information, you have all the money you need to get started. In this case study class we show you how you can take $1000 and with knowledge, education and information you can grow that $1000 to over $119,000 in three years. We use actual client examples in this informative educational class. It is never too late to start taking control of your retirement, so don’t miss this opportunity to see what others have done and, hopefully, provide some ideas for yourself on how you can grow your retirement account.

How to Invest with 10k or Less
This is another great webinar on how you can take $10,000 or less and grow your IRA. In this class we will explore creative investment strategies such as partnering, investing in options or purchasing subject-to properties.

Health Savings Accounts and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Specialty plans such as Health Savings Account or a Coverdell Education Savings Account cannot only be used to pay for qualified expenses, but can be Self-Directed for investments to save for your future retirement. The HSA is the only account where contributions are both tax deductible and qualified medical expense distributions are tax free – we like to call it the best of both worlds!

Using a Coverdell Education Savings Account, you can Self-Direct an investment in your IRA and grow the account to fund your children or grandchildren’s education. All qualified educational expenses can be distributed tax free! Watch this 2 part class and learn more about tax free distributions from these specialty plans!

Maximizing Your Self-Employment Income with a Solo 401(k), SEP IRA, or SIMPLE IRA
As a self-employed/small business owner you have many decisions to make, least of which, is the decision on what type of retirement or employer plan should you have for yourself and your company. This educational seminar will help introduce you to the many tax beneficial accounts that Quest Trust Company Inc. offers and help you strategize which accounts will benefit you and your business the most. This class will take you through the basics of investing with self-directed retirement accounts such as SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and Individual 401(k)s.

Problems and Solutions to Owning Real Estate in your IRA
Whether you are a new or experienced real estate investor, problems always find a way to present themselves. As the saying goes, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Join us for this Quest class where we will be teaching you how to tackle the 90%. In this class, we will focus on problems and most importantly, solutions for the many scenarios that can pop up for investors when doing real estate deals in their Self-Directed IRA. With the right education and guidance, knowing about certain strategies when investing with your IRA can help minimize these potential problems. After attending, you will not only understand how to avoid potential risks, as well as understand the major benefits of buying real estate with a tax advantaged Quest SDIRA.

Problems and Solutions in Buying Commercial Property & Other Entities in an IRA
Self-Directed IRAs provide investors the opportunity to select investments in a variety of privately held assets, including real estate, notes and event private companies. The objective of this class is to help our class attendees gain knowledge on their options to invest into Private Entities such as LLC’s, JV’s, LP’s, Private stock, Trusts, and much more. Money has many different uses and purposes, and if it is applied correctly you could establish long term wealth, decrease taxation and maximize your income and profits. There are risks associated with every investment, and being well-informed on the topic will assuredly minimize the risk factors. Some of the limitations relate to disqualified persons and UBIT. Join Nathan Long, CEO of Quest Trust Company, for this class to learn more about disqualified persons, prohibited transactions, UBIT, as well as solutions on how to avoid these situations.

The Solo Self-Directed 401(k): How Business Owners can Self-Direct Retirement
Since the creation of the Solo 401(k) in 2002, self-employed individuals and small business owners have been able to invest and work towards a secure retirement. This educational class is essential for anyone interested in learning more about using this powerful retirement account. Are you curious about how you can contribute over $56,000 to your account? After watching this class, you will gain knowledge on establishing your account with Quest Trust Company, investment possibilities, as well as potential advantages to owning a Solo Self-Directed 401(k).

Inherited IRAs: The gift that keeps on giving!
The benefits of IRAs are legendary, but the benefits of inherited IRAs are even better. One of the best legacies you can leave to your children or grandchildren is an inherited IRA. By leaving an IRA to your beneficiaries, you leave them with the ability to create a stream of penalty free (and sometimes tax free) income for their lifetime, regardless of their age when they inherit the account. This is particularly powerful if the beneficiary of the IRA is a young child. In this new class, H. Quincy Long will explore the concept of Inherited IRAs, and how it can be the gift that keeps on giving.


Unrelated Business Income Tax by H. Quincy Long
Many people are surprised to learn that there are certain investments which may cause your retirement plan to owe tax on its income or profits from that investment. This does not necessarily mean that you should not make an investment which subjects your retirement plan to taxation. It does mean that you must evaluate the return on the investment in light of the tax implications.

From a financial planning perspective, the question becomes “Should I avoid doing something in my IRA which may incur UBIT?” Many people just say “Forget it!” when they learn a certain investment may subject the IRA to UBIT. Or worse yet, they ignore the issue and hope they won’t get caught. However, being afraid of UBIT is short sighted and ignores the opportunity it presents for building massive wealth in your retirement plan. Join us for this special webinar and learn more from President & Owner H. Quincy Long. As Quincy likes to say “UBIT… You bet!”.

Clase en Español: Que es un Self-Directed IRA?
Clase presentada por Quest Trust Company sobre las cuentas de retiro autodirigidas y como tu puedes utulizar este tipo de cuenta para invertir en bienes privados!

Un Self-Directed IRA o IRA Auto-Dirigido es un plan de jubilación que le permite a el propietario de la cuenta invertir su IRA en lo que saben mejor, libre de las restricciones de inversión impuestas por una cuenta de corretaje de estilo más tradicional. Un custodio IRA verdaderamente auto-dirigido, como Quest Trust Company, le da la libertad para adquirir cualquier tipo de inversion como las propiedades inmobiliarias, notas, colocaciones privadas, certificados de retención de impuestos y mucho más. Toma control de tu retiro con tu Quest Trust Company!