Event Detail

Roth Conversions: Learn How to Supercharge Your Retirement

Date And Time

Tue, December 06, 2022

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM




Roth IRA Conversions can sometimes be confusing and daunting, but at Quest Trust Company, we’ve made understanding Roth Conversions simple so that you can easily super charge your retirement! You have probably heard about the opportunity to convert your tax deferred funds (Traditional IRA & Traditional 401(k)) in your retirement account into tax free funds (Roth IRA & Roth 401(k)). Although converting your funds into a Roth IRA opens up the opportunity to have tax-free wealth later in life, it is a very personal financial decision that can be affected by many factors and variables in one’s life. In this class, you will see the ins and outs of a Roth conversion accompanied by a few case studies of people who have done it.

What You Will Learn in This Class:

  • The benefits of doing a Roth conversions
  • Common Roth misconceptions
  • How to kick start the process
  • And much more!

At Quest Trust Company, we believe to truly take control, you should invest in what you know best! So, what do you do if you want to invest in a private asset, but you don’t feel like you know enough? You learn, of course! 

Make sure to join us every Tuesday and Saturday at 12PM CT as our guest speakers and Certified IRA Specialists share the knowledge they have gained through experience as well as all the tips and tricks they’ve used to succeed in the self-directed world and grow their wealth!