Event Detail

Self-Storage Investing: The Asset Class That Should be on Your Radar in 2023

Date And Time

Sat, January 28, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM



Learn how to evaluate, expand, and invest in storage in today’s competitive market! When thinking about ways to diversify your investment portfolio, self-storage usually isn’t the first asset people think about, but maybe it should be! With the unpredictability of publicly traded investments, many self-directed investors have found comfort in what Ryan Gibson calls the “recession resistant asset”.

In this class, Ryan will review a live case study designed to help you. Be sure to join us for the basics of self-storage investing and come take a deep dive into a property portfolio example for Texas in this guest webinar! 

What You will Learn in this Class: 

  • How to invest in self-storage investments 
  • What to look for to help evaluate and expand your assets 
  • In-depth analyses of actual case studies 
  • And more!