Event Detail

Insights For Consistent Success w/Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Date And Time

Thu, February 09, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Quest Trust Austin Office
100 E Anderson Lane, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752


Austin rents are up at a record high - and keep rising along with investor ROI. Passive and active real estate investing in commercial multifamily units such as apartments is a secret path to wealth more people are discovering every day. While many Americans understand you can possibly build wealth by investing in well-performing stocks, bonds, and single-family homes, not many know that early retirement is possible with multifamily investment returns. Commercial real estate syndications for multifamily properties are one of the most popular methods of enabling busy people to invest in private ownership of commercial real estate without having the responsibilities of day to day operations. For active investors, the rewards are even bigger. Join us to receive that valuable training from a top expert in the space that you NEED so that you know how you can use commercial real estate participation deals to create a reliable passive income stream to live the life you’re meant to live – right now. 

What You Will Learn in this Class: 

- Understand the potential of multifamily investing to grow your money 

- Grow your confidence so you find, evaluate, and participate in deals 

- Gain financial independence and live the life you were meant to live 

- And much more