Event Detail

How to Buy Hot Stocks Before the Public is Allowed

Date And Time

Thu, February 16, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Quest Trust Dallas Office
14860 Montfort Dr Suite 209
Dallas, TX 75254


Have you ever wondered how investors buy stock in HOT private companies before they go public? Have you ever wondered if an IRA could do this and if so, how? The Karmic Payback team have been invited as special guest speakers for Quest Trust Company’s SDIRA Social to present a class where they will be taking a deeper dive on how you can invest in private companies before they become public, either personally or with a self-directed retirement account. Learn how to find these opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of investing in the wrong ones and register for the class!  


What You Will Learn in this Class: 

  • The Rule of 72 
  • What Mark Twain has to do with personal finance 
  • What the 6 sexiest sectors for pre-IPO purchases are 
  • And much more