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20 Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Multifamily Property

Date And Time

Thu, April 06, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM




Investing in multifamily properties has become a popular way to earn passive income without the maintenance and other responsibilities of owning a building yourself. Commercial real estate syndications for multifamily properties offer a great opportunity to invest in real estate on a larger scale by combining your money with other investors. However, this investment strategy is not without risks. How can you know which is the right property for you, and what factors do you need to consider before pulling the trigger? TriArc Real Estate Partners are here to help. Join Joseph as he shares the key factors you need consider to successfully invest in multifamily properties.

What You Will Learn in This Class:

·      Learn about the potential of multifamily investing to grow your money

·      What to consider before you start looking for properties

·      How to evaluate a potential property to invest in

·      And much more

Joseph Bramante is CEO and one of the founders of TriArc Real Estate Partners, a wholly integrated multifamily investment company with the goal of acquiring over 20,000 units in the next 10 years. He loves working with his TriArc team to breathe new life into flailing communities. By providing affordable housing that’s clean, safe, and well-maintained while helping investors grow their wealth, Joseph is helping to improve the circumstances of people from all walks of life. Joseph is a member of CCIM, Entrepreneur Organization, Rotary, Houston Apartment Association, and the Urban Land Institute. He loves to show investors how to create more time to enjoy life by building passive income streams which can fund unpaid vacations and accelerate retirement.