Event Detail

Review of Recent Bank Crisis and How to Plan Your Retirement with Note Investing

Date And Time

Tue, June 13, 2023

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Austin Quest Trust Office
100 E Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78752


The recent banking collapse sent shockwaves through the financial industry, and left investors worried about the safety of their funds. When an event of this magnitude happens, it’s important to understand the circumstances that helped trigger the collapse in order to prevent it from happening again. Josh Andrews is here to help us understand what happened during the banking crisis. But more than that, he will also share with us the fundamentals of note investing and how we, the investor, can become the bank. You won’t want to miss this class as we learn the advantages of note investing and how it can help you reach your retirement goals.


What You Will Learn in This Class:

  • What caused the recent bank crisis
  • What are the differences between traditional banks and note investors/holders
  • What are the advantages to invest in notes for your retirement and savings

Josh Andrews is author of “Paper Profits – How to Buy and Profit from Notes: A Beginners Guide.” Published in 2017, this book more than any other has helped de-mystify the opportunity notes and mortgages provide to the everyday investor. Since 2012 Josh has been actively buying, selling, and modifying distressed mortgage loans. He specializes in non-performing and performing mortgage/notes. In addition to his own portfolio, he has mentored other investors looking to invest both actively and passively, with an emphasis on assets secured by real estate. His specialty is asset due diligence, market data and forecasting. Prior to becoming a full-time investor, Josh worked at two banks as a loan originator. There he became familiar with the concept of mortgages, and how lenders create profit for themselves and their investors. Josh regularly appears as a speaker at industry trade shows, podcasts, and other distressed asset events.

6-7 pm – Networking and enjoy free beer/wine and light appetizers

7-8pm – Presentation begins (Join us online)

8pm – After presentation, in-person attendees may pitch deals to the audience