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How to Analyze a Commercial Real Estate Deal as a Passive Investor

Date And Time

Thu, October 28, 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM




Join Quest for our weekly class with James Wenzel, Founding Partner of FLW Capital!

Every investment has some level of risk, which is why the best investments are the ones that’s not only give you great returns… but also some peace of mind! Although it’s not guaranteed that every investment will be a success, there are some key, preliminary steps you can take to analyze a commercial real estate deal before entering into something. It can help provide some security and comfort that the deal won’t be a bust if you know how to properly evaluate it! James Wenzel will provide some insightful advice on what investors should be looking out for when they’re analyzing a commercial deal.

What You Will Learn in this Class:

- Why passively invest in multifamily

- How to evaluate a passive offering

-What makes commercial RE a good investment

Tune in live via Zoom or stream on Facebook and YouTube!