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The Rental Continuum: Decoding Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Rentals

Date And Time

Tue, November 07, 2023

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Houston Quest Trust Office
17171 Park Row
Houston, TX 77084


Our SDIRA Socials are getting BIGGER and BETTER with more speakers, more vendors, and more networking!

This November, we are doing a deep dive into the rental market, uncovering what makes them a popular investment. We’ll discuss the different types of rentals and the advantages of each so you can discover which type is right for you. Are you interested in the consistency of income and lower turnover of long-term rentals, or the higher income potential and flexibility of short-term, vacation rentals? Maybe you would rather go for something in-between and cater to relocating families and traveling professionals with a mid-term rental? We’re bringing in industry experts Kirstin Gerst, Vivian Yip, and Eddie Gant to present on each type of rental, and then we’ll wrap up the presentations with a panel discussion and open the floor to your questions. If you’ve been debating getting into the rental market, you won’t want to miss this event!

6-7 pm – Networking and enjoy free beer/wine and dinner

7-8pm – Panelist Presentations and Q&A (will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook)

8pm – After presentation, attendees may pitch deals to the in-person audience 

Kristin Gerst is Managing Partner at Capricorn Mortgage Investments. Capricorn Mortgage Investments buys high interest rate mortgages from small business owners and companies and sells them to large institutional buyers.


Vivian Yip is the founder & CEO of Corporate Rentals USA by Hestia and shares her expertise and secrets to optimizing cash flow through mid-term rental properties. In addition to running her mid-term rentals brand Hestia, she is also a mid-term rental and short-term rental host. Vivian and her husband James are recognized as Austin House Flippers on YouTube where they feature episodes educating others how to be successful in flipping houses. Together they have flipped over 25 properties in just over 5 years and hold a mix of long-term, mid-term and short-term investment properties. Combining these multiple strategies, enabled this husband-and-wife duo to quit their high paying corporate jobs and live a life they designed. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain inside knowledge on the mid-term rental market and how it’s helping investors cash flow even in the most expensive markets!

Eddie Gant is one of the leading real estate investors in Texas. Eddie owns and manages one of the largest and most successful Homevestors of America offices in the nation. This year, he will complete his 1300th property, purchased, rehabbed, and sold. His asset-based lending company, Jet Lending, LLC, provides interim financing for real estate investors in the Houston area. He also owns a large portfolio of rental homes in the Southeast Texas area through EW Premier Properties, LLC and manages a team of 5 RE/MAX agents at RE/MAX Northwest. Eddie Gant speaks regularly at Houston area Realtor offices and investment club meetings and is actively involved as a vendor at Lifestyles Unlimited and the Real Estate Investment Club of Houston and has been a guest on many real estate radio programs.

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