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[row] [column xs=’12’ md=”7″] Many people are surprised to learn that there are certain investments in which an IRA or 401(k) that may cause your retirement plan to owe tax on its income or profits from that investment. This does not necessarily mean that you should not make an investment which subjects your retirement plan to taxation. It does mean that you must evaluate the return on the investment in light of the tax implications.
From a financial planning perspective, the question becomes “Should I avoid doing something in my IRA which may incur UBIT?” Many people just say “Forget it!” when they learn a certain investment may subject the IRA to UBIT. Or worse yet, they ignore the issue and hope they won’t get caught. However, being afraid of UBIT is short sighted and ignores the opportunity it presents for building massive wealth in your retirement plan. Join us for this special webinar and learn more from President & Owner H. Quincy Long. As Quincy likes to say “UBIT… You bet!”.
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