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[row] [column xs=’12’ md=”7″] Luckily for Americans there is still no income limitation for converting tax deferred funds (Traditional) to tax free funds (Roth). Will the income limitation on conversions be lifted for good? No one has a crystal ball to answer that question. Thus, we have to take advantage of the opportunity as the government frequently changes its mind and its policies. There are many questions that arise with the conversion opportunity that is being presented to all Americans.

This special FREE educational class is for those that want to hear about one expert’s analysis on this great opportunity. We will be analyzing the Roth Conversion in the hopes that whether you are a high net worth individual, or someone who is just trying to make up loses from 2008, it will be evidently clear that the information applies to anyone with a retirement account.  If you are interested in growing your retirement tax free for the rest of your life and the life of your beneficiaries/heirs this is one class your family can’t afford you to miss.
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