• September 24, 2019
    9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Growing up, Millennials endured the tech crash and the stock market crash, and as they began to enter the workforce, another financial crisis came about with the Great Recession. It is no wonder that the younger generations are nervous about investing in the stock market, and as a result, these younger generations just aren’t taking the time to invest at all…in anything! But, what if there was another way to save for retirement without as much risk? Diversified portfolios have time and time again proven to be successful strategies when investing and one of the strongest outlets has been real estate, producing high percentage returns on average, over decades. In this class, Derreck Long and Haley Gant will be going over the many alternative options for young investors, how to get involved with others in the same network, and the benefits of starting young! You won’t want to miss this class.


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