• May 24, 2017
    5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

How to Purchase Investment Properties in Today’s Market and Calculating CMA’s, Presented by guest speaker Ben Cowling

Join Quest Trust Company in our Dallas office for Ben Cowling’s special class about how to purchase investment properties in today’s market. You’ll learn how to take advantage of changing market conditions, how to strategically evaluate property from an MLS listing, and how to read a CMA item by item from. Ben Cowling manages one of New Western Acquisition’s DFW offices and is also an investor himself, so this is sure to be a class you do not want to miss!


Main Topics


Where you can find Investment Properties in today’s market

How do you take advantage of these changing conditions and profit from them?

How does the changing market affect your rehabbing?  “Do I do more, or less?”


How to read an MLS listing – box by box –

What does it say, what does it really mean, and how to strategically evaluate the property based on that information.


How to read a CMA – item by item –

What does it say, what does it really mean, and how to strategically evaluate the properties based on that information. If you don’t know how to read – and understand the real meaning of – this information, you can be mislead about the true value of a property, or its appropriateness for your target strategy – or miss out on a good opportunity.



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