Fair Market Values

Fair Market Values are used to determine the value of your assets held within your IRA, which are required by the IRS each year. These show the year-end-value of the assets held in your self-directed IRA account as of December 31st. You can submit your Fair Market Value on the Client Portal. The video series was designed to help you ascertain the proper supporting documentation to value each asset held in your account here at Quest.

Fair Market Values: Real Estate

Acceptable Supporting Documentation:

  • Full Appraisal
  • Broker’s Opinion
  • Tax Appraisal from the County’s Website

Fair Market Value : Notes

Acceptable Supporting Documentation:

  • Interest Only Notes: Copy of the original note
  • Amortized Notes: Amortization schedule
  • Discounted Notes: letter from qualified note professional or amortization schedule

Fair Market Value : Private Entities

Acceptable Supporting Documentation:

  • Private Placement/An Entity Holding another Asset: What is the underlying investment? (E.g. real estate, notes, or equipment). Supporting documentation must value the underlying asset of the entity. Refer to video over real estate or notes as applicable.
  • Private Stocks: (E.g. small bank stock) Letter from managing member of company letter head attesting to the value of the stock.

Fair Market Value : Miscellaneous

Acceptable Supporting Documentation:

  • Debt Leverage Property:
    • Value of the property – loan balance = FMV
    • Provide documentation for the loan that indicates the loan balance
  • Personal Property: (e.g. mobile home or equipment)
    • Third party valuation from a qualified professional, can be a letter or comparable sales
  • Tax Liens:
    • Value of tax lien and include interest (also include any unpaid amounts)
Fair Market Value Resources

Fair Market Values FAQs – This video lays out all of your tough questions about Fair Market Valuations and how to submit one to ensure you are covered for each tax year.

Fair Market Values Explained – This helpful blog will outline what Fair Market Valuations are and how they effect your Self-Directed IRA!

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