QTC Investment Hub

A brand new feature that will change the way you look at SDIRA Investing- The QTC Investment Hub!

Quest Trust Company is proud to introduce our new QTC Investment Hub. With this new feature, you can now submit investments directly through the client portal and track your investments live!

Now more than ever, we see the importance of being able to conduct your business and manage your accounts virtually. With our new client portal features, our goal is to truly put YOU in control of your Self-Directed IRA by being able to submit your investments for funding without having the hurdles of doing it manually.

With the ability to do everything in the portal – and talk to a live representative at the same time – you can ensure your investments are taken care of faster than ever before! In just a few easy steps, you can have your new investments uploaded in a matter of minutes. Simply fill in the step-by-step investment information and funding details, and your investment is ready to be reviewed for funding! Want to stay up-to-date with your new investment? You can! Once submitted in your client portal, you can track the funding status in real time with the new Live Investment Tracker.

Investing will never be the same! Ready to take advantage of this great new feature?! Log into your client portal TODAY and start investing like never before!

5 Simple Steps to Get You Started

1. Log in to your client portal and under the “Investment” tab, click the green button that says “Submit New Investment”

2. Select the type of asset you want to purchase and what account you’d like to use

3. Share the investment details with us and how you’d like us to send the funds

4. Confirm the information and special instructions, then upload your supporting documents

5. Final review and last confirmation section, and hit submit! Now you’re done!

Investment Tracker FAQs

Why should I use this new feature?
Our new QTC Investment Hub helps you fund investments faster than ever before and will allow you to monitor your investment every step of the way! You no longer have to manually submit each document and wait for a reply. You’ll never have to miss another funding again!

Who has access to use this feature?
Everyone! As long as you have set up your client portal, all clients have access to this new feature.

Are there any additional fees for using the QTC Investment Hub?
Great news! There are absolutely NO additional fees when you use the QTC Investing Hub. Fees will work the exact same way as submitting an investment the old way!

Where do I view the QTC Investment Hub once I upload my new deal?
All investments can be tracked in the client portal! By clicking on “Investments” then “Pending Investments-Client Portal Submissions”, your investment tracker can give you real updates on where your deal is in the process!

What if I have a split investment?
You can split the investments between multiple Quest accounts or an external party! When you are selecting which financial accounts to use, there will be a section to add a split investment.  You are able to add up to 5 other Quest accounts and can add an unlimited amount for the accounts that you manage (account holder or Limited Power of Attorney).

What do I do once I’ve submitted my documents and am waiting for them to be reviewed?
Once your documents have been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail notification letting you know your documents are ready for your “read and approved” signatures. You can track the status of the investment via the Live Investment Tracker.

What if I’m having trouble as I’m uploading my documents via the client portal and I can’t reach anyone on the phone?
We encourage you to use our new chat feature on the client portal or on the QuestTrust.com website! Live Certified IRA Specialists are available during business hours to help answer any questions about your account or new investment!

How do I pay the fees for my new investment?
After all documents have been “read and approved”, you can then select to either debit from the account, pay fees via credit card on file, or another method. Assessed fees will be based on your selected fee schedule.

What if I am trying to submit an additional funding?
If you are doing an additional investment, you will still follow the normal steps to upload a new investment. Once on the “asset description” drop down section, you can select additional investment and then which account is associated with the investment.

How can I ensure the safety of my documents?
All investments will require a security pin and confirmation at all checkpoints. When submitting, you will be asked to verify your security.

After inputting my information I realized I put some information incorrectly. How do I correct this?
Don’t worry, you can message your Transactions Specialist using the direct message feature for the investment. If the incorrect information is related to documents, you can replace the documents via the client portal.

How do I contact my specialist once my investment has been submitted?
We now have a direct message feature in the QTC Investment Hub where you can send your transactions specialist a message and they will respond back to you. To get to the chat feature, you simply need to click on the box in the lower right hand corner of your client portal and start typing!

I submitted an investment but haven’t heard back yet. When can I expect to be contacted?
Quest will still abide by normal processing times, ensuring your investments are funded within 24-48 hours. A representative will reach out once documents are reviewed, but you can always check on the status of the investment with the investment tracker. Our representatives are there to chat with you as you are completing the investment, but if you need immediate assistance, you can always call our office, too!

Will I be able to retrieve documents after they’re submitted and processed?
Yes! Once submitted, you will be able to go back and retrieve these documents for your records. Simply go in to the portal, click on pending investments and then to the client portal submission area. Here, you can not only check the status, but you can also view and download documents you’ve previously submitted.

Once submitted, can I cancel a submission?
Yes, you will be able to cancel the submission! If you haven’t fully submitted (meaning you have not signed “read and approved”), you can cancel at any time. If it’s past this point, you can still cancel the investment, but you would just need to call in to our office to let us know of this request.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to make sure I’m using the feature properly?
There is! We understand how frustrating it can be when learning new technology. We have provided a helpful tutorial video on how to upload documents using the QTC Investment Hub! Click here to view the video.