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Self-Directed IRAs give you the freedom to not only choose your own investments, but to choose from private assets like real estate, private companies, promissory notes and so many other alternatives to traditional publicly traded investments. Choosing your own investments is a strategic way to use your knowledge and expertise to your advantage, meanwhile growing all of your profits free of tax. We’ve all heard the advice to have a diverse portfolio, but for most Americans this means having a mix of stocks or mutual funds. Alternative investments like real estate could further diversify your portfolio and help you rest easy knowing your nest egg is protected.

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At Quest Trust Company, YOU come first. With over 15 years of exceptional service and education, Quest is more than your typical Self-Directed IRA custodian. Our dedication to making our customer’s day sets us apart and makes your personal experience a breeze!

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I highly recommend Quest Trust Company. The people who work here really know how to guide you with self-directed IRAs. They are friendly and professional. Furthermore, they also conduct effective educational classes for investing.

-Jamie B.

Quest is hands on and makes the process of investing in real estate easy. They have good systems in place to help people invest and make tax free returns which is a huge savings to build wealth.

-Caroline A.

Everyone there has always been friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in seeing my retirement funds grow...

-David R.

Any interaction with Quest has surpassed expectations. The professional, courteous staff is always willing to help with any questions I have. I recommend them to all of my family and friends

-Sage R.

I am constantly in awe of the amount of free education that Quest provides and the enthusiasm that Quest staff and owners have for their company and their clients. I highly recommend them.

-Mary H.

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At Quest, we know how important your investments are and that deals can happen fast. When you have your account at Quest, you have access to one of the fastest funding times in the industry. Count on having your investment processed no longer than 24-48 hours!


When it comes to your retirement, we understand the importance of a personalized experience. When you call Quest Trust Company, not only will you never have to deal with an automated service, you will always get to an educated staff member, highly-trained in the field, and ready to answer whatever questions you may have!


Having an account at Quest means that you have access to a wide variety of brand new online features that make managing your SDIRA a breeze! From our new and improved deposit system and live chat program, to our easy-to-use online portal and electronic forms, we’re always perfecting our technology to provide the best experience for you.


When you have a difficult question that you need answered, you won’t have to worry at Quest! With over 35 board-certified IRA services professionals on staff and an executive team that have been in the business for many years, you can rest assured that when you call a Quest Trust representative, you’ll be getting the best education around.

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Check out our detailed list of the most common questions we see about Self-Directed IRAs and get the answers you need.

A Self-Directed IRA has some distinct differences from an IRA held at a traditional type of custodian. Generally, with traditional custodians, investments are limited to stocks, CDs, bonds, mutual funds, and other related types of investments. However, a Self-Directed IRA provides a broader range of choices, allowing account owners to diversify their holdings with a variety of investments. With a Self-Directed IRA, investment possibilities are endless. Common investments that we see at Quest include real estate, private loans, small business investments, LLCs, and much more!

– Diversification

Many people believe they are only allowed to invest in publicly traded assets with their retirement accounts, when in reality you have more investment options than you think. When using a Self-Directed IRA, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to invest in the widest variety of assets, including real estate.

-Take Control

When you have a Self-Directed IRA, you are truly getting to find the investment of your choosing. Self-Directed IRAs allow the flexibility and ability for you to find an investment, and – as long as nothing is prohibited by law – direct your Quest Trust representative that you’d like to own it in your IRA, and we take care of the rest!

– Tax Benefit on your Investments

A Self-Directed IRA can give you the highest degree of investment flexibility, while at the same time being able to utilize the maximum tax benefits available. The greatest upside of having a Self-Directed IRA and making regular contributions to it is the fact that it provides you with long term tax-deferred (or, in the case of a Roth IRA, tax-free) growth. The IRA is perhaps the most powerful retirement savings vehicle that most of us can count on having available to us each and every year during our working years. Much of the value of an IRA comes from the various tax benefits that are afforded to the account, as investment income and capital growth that happens within a Self-Directed IRA is tax advantaged.

– Invest in What You are Familiar With

Self-Directed IRAs allow the freedom to invest in assets that the account holder may be more knowledgeable about. With often investments being real estate purchases and investments for startup companies, the Self-Directed IRA lets the client invest in what they know best!

Self-Directed IRAs are a powerful tool to help individuals build the largest possible retirement nest eggs. At Quest, we offer 7 different types of accounts – Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Employer plans like the SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA and Solo401k, as well as specialty plans like the Health Savings Account and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. All of these accounts can be self-directed into alternative assets, but it’s important to be informed on all of the accounts (and possibly even speak to a tax advisor or CPA) to make sure you are opening the best one for you depending on your personal situation.

When you rollover your old 401(k) to a Self-Directed IRA, you have the ability to start taking control of your retirement money. A great reason why many people chose to move/rollover their funds to a Self-Directed IRA rather than simply taking a taxable distribution from their 401(k) money, is the ability to continue growing your retirement account for the future and building tax-free wealth!

Moving your 401(k) to Quest is simple. Simply call one of our Certified IRA Specialists to have a free consultation and fill out the account opening paperwork. Once an account has been established for you within 24-48 hours, we will provide all the information to help you initiate the rollover process from your old 401(k) to Quest. When the funds arrive, you will
complete our Rollover Form, to ensure your request is finalized. Now you are ready to begin investing!

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Quest Trust Company is the premier Self-Directed IRA provider, holding assets in real estate, promissory notes, and private entities, and much, much more. With over 18,000 happy clients nationwide, Quest Trust Company prides itself on only administering account fees that provide our clients with the best value for the outstanding level of the service provided.

Quest Trust Company processes everything form setting up your account to found and investment in just 24-48 hours, and without the dreaded expedited funding fees. Quest Trust Company aims to provide both clients and future clients alike with education on the need-to-know topics in the industry to keep you informed, connected, and ready to take charge of your retirement.

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