Advice for Managing Multiple Investment Properties Within Your Self-Directed IRA

Real estate investing, despite the housing meltdown that occurred a few years back, remains quite popular. In fact, in many respects real estate investing has become more popular over the past few years, as more families are unable to meet the stricter mortgage requirements, or simply aren’t interested in owning a home. These factors drive up the demand for rental properties.

This has made real estate a very popular investment class, particularly for individuals who have chosen the flexibility of a self-directed IRA with a custodian such as Quest Trust Company. But investment real estate generally requires a level of involvement far greater than investments in stocks or bonds. Here are some tips for managing multiple investment properties within your self-directed IRA.

Know When It’s Time to Get Help

Perhaps the most important piece of advice when it comes to investing in real estate is that you should know when it’s time to get professional help. Managing a single piece of investment real estate can be challenging enough, but when your obligations are multiplied by numerous properties – particularly when those properties are not located close to one another or are not to the same investment type (e.g., residential vs. commercial vs. farmland) – they can quickly become overwhelming.

If you currently own investment real estate, take a look at how much time you’re spending in the management of your properties. Then research how much you would have to spend on professional help for those same services. You won’t be able to deduct those costs as you would if those investments were held outside of a tax-preferred account, but you may find that expense to be worth it.

Evaluate Each Property Individually

One element of property management in the context of investing within your self-directed IRA is confirming that a particular property is suitable for your investment portfolio. Just as you periodically evaluate other types of investments (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) to make sure that they’re still a good fit for your goals and needs, you need to do the same thing with each piece of real estate you hold.

Set up a schedule to evaluate each individual piece of property in your portfolio

Ask yourself if it is performing as you had anticipated when you acquired it (or in the time period since your last review). If not, determine whether or not there is anything you can do to improve its performance. If the property is no longer suitable as an investment, then determine whether there’s a sensible way to get that property out of your portfolio.

Have an Exit Strategy

In fact, it’s important to have an exit strategy for each and every property in your portfolio. Understand when it makes sense to no longer hold a particular property, or when it makes sense to have your funds invested in something else.

Quest Trust Company, Inc. Abandons the Traditional Holiday Party for a Halloween Fright Night Mixer

Quest Trust Company Inc. a leading provider of self-directed IRAs is excited to announce the locations of the annual Fright Night Networking Mixers. These events are thrown every year near Halloween as our client appreciation event. One of Quest Trust Companys great slogans is “We make IRAs fun!” and that is what they look to do with these types of networking events for their clients and prospects.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Quest Trust Company, Inc. is guided by a relentless need to supply the American public with the proper free education on what is truly possible with all retirement and qualified plans. Along with having a world famous staff that is some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, Quest Trust Company is dedicated to being the premier provider of third party administration services to those, individuals and employers, who are looking for a truly self-directed retirement plan and demand great customer service. For those that find Quest Trust Companys service to fit their needs, Quest wanted to say thank you with a fun event were you can wear your Halloween costume, bring your family and get some valuable information while networking with like-minded individuals in your community.

On Tuesday, October 16th, Quest Trust Company will kick off Fright Night Events in San Antonio, TX. They will then travel and host the event in Dallas, TX on Wednesday October 17th. The following week they are back in the Central Texas Area for Fright Night in Austin, TX, on Wednesday, October 24th, and then ending it with the biggest celebration in Houston, TX on October 25th.

“For years we tried having a holiday party in December and the attendance was always very minimal,” said H. Quincy Long, President/Owner at Quest Trust Company. “Around the holidays it is tough to complete with all of the family and work related events our clients have on their schedules. However, Quest Trust Company operates by the motto “We Make IRAs Fun!” so we decided to try and have a costume party as our client appreciation event one year. We coined the event Fright Night and it was a resounding success and we have been having the event ever since”

Not all self-directed IRA administrators and custodians are the same. Quest Trust Company uses these great local events, which are open to the public, to help further the knowledge of self-directed IRAs and investment strategies within self-directed IRAs.
“One of my first experiences with Quest Trust Company was at last year’s Fright Night in Houston,” stated Nate Hare, Self-Directed IRA Specialist at Quest Trust Company. “I was there as a guest of a friend who worked at Quest not really knowing what to expect. I was currently looking for a new career opportunity and when I saw the fun and excitement that Quest Trust Company generated at this event I wanted to know how I could get involved with such a great company. Not only were they teaching aspects about IRAs that hardly anyone in country is teaching but Quest makes clients and employees have a amazing fun time the whole time. It almost makes it seems like I am not working, well almost.”
The Quest Trust Company, Inc corporate office is located at 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77084. Quest Trust Company currently supports more than 5000 customers with online accounts and reaches approximately 20,000 customers monthly via their social media and online marketing activities. At each event, Fright Night networking mixers average 100-200 like-minded investors in attendance.