One of the benefits of self-direction is the ability to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional, publicly traded assets. At Quest, you can use a truly self-directed IRA to invest in a multitude of private investments, locally and even internationally, putting the control back in your hands. In just 5 easy steps, you can open an account, fund it, and purchase a new investment that you’re familiar with and knowledgeable about! 


Step 1) Open your Quest Trust Company Account!

Step 2) Fund your Quest Trust Company account

Step 3) Locate your investment. 

Step 4) Complete investment paperwork – These can all be found in the Client Portal!

Step 5) We will process the completed paperwork and send funds!

Investment Categories

Real Estate

Promissory Notes

Private Entities

Follow the roadmap below for a step-by-step visual guide for purchasing an asset with a Quest Trust Self-Directed IRA!

If you have any questions about how to purchase an investment with your Self-Directed IRA, please don’t hesitate to Contact a Transaction Representative!

DISCLAIMER: Quest Trust Company does not render tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other professional advice. If tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other similar expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.