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At Quest, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader for Self-Directed IRA education. Check out our blog, videos, and FAQs to learn the latest information on a variety of popular Self-Directed IRA and alternative investing topics.

Videos by Category

Prohibited Transactions: An Analysis of What NOT To Do in Your IRA January 22, 2024 Prohibited Transactions: An Analysis of What NOT To Do in Your IRA Prohibited transactions are an area of confusion for investors with self-directed retirement plans. Learn how to identify what is considered a prohibited transaction. How to (Borrow) and Lend More Private Money with Self-Directed IRAs January 22, 2024 How to (Borrow) and Lend More Private Money with Self-Directed IRAs Private money lending can be one of the safest, most secure, and predictable ways to invest your self-directed IRA. Learn about notes and the benefits of this passive investment within your IRA. Your #1 Guide to Building True Tax-Free Wealth January 22, 2024 Your #1 Guide to Building True Tax-Free Wealth By using a Self-Directed IRA, you can establish long term wealth, decrease taxation, and maximize your income and profits. Real Estate Options: Learn About This Creative Investment “Option” for Small IRAs January 22, 2024 Real Estate Options: Learn About This Creative Investment “Option” for Small IRAs H. Quincy Long will talk about the power of using Real Estate Options as an investment strategy, which is one of the most underutilized investment strategies in self-directed IRAs. Special Accounts for Special Expenses: How Investors Can Pay for Health and Education Tax Free January 22, 2024 Special Accounts for Special Expenses: How Investors Can Pay for Health and Education Tax Free Watch this class and learn more about tax free distributions from these specialty plans. Problems & Solutions in Buying Commercial Property & Other Entities in an IRA January 22, 2024 Problems & Solutions in Buying Commercial Property & Other Entities in an IRA Self-Directed IRAs offer investors the chance to choose from a range of private assets like LLCs, JVs, LPs, and trusts. Discover common investment issues and ways to steer clear of them. Real Estate in an IRA: Sticky Situations and How They Can be Solved January 22, 2024 Real Estate in an IRA: Sticky Situations and How They Can be Solved In this class, we'll tackle the common problems faced by real estate investors, offering solutions for various scenarios that arise when dealing with real estate in Self-Directed IRAs. How to Invest with $10k or Less January 22, 2024 How to Invest with $10k or Less Join this webinar to learn how to maximize your IRA with just $10,000 or less. We'll delve into innovative investment tactics like partnering, options trading, and subject-to property purchases.
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Blogs by Category

7 questions July 10, 2024 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Next IRA Investment Ready to invest your retirement funds? Have you asked yourself these important questions? Expo May 31, 2024 Top 3 Reasons to Attend Quest Expo Hear why you don't want to miss this year's Quest Expo June 27-29, 2024 at the Irving Convention Center near Dallas, Texas. options May 09, 2024 Investment Options: Getting the Most Out of Your IRA If you are new to self-directed accounts or are looking for ideas of your investment options, this is the article for you. fund account May 06, 2024 After Opening an Account, What's the Next Step? Learn about the ways to fund your account and get started investing. BTR April 29, 2024 Build-to-Rent: A New Era in Real Estate Investing Guest article written by Tauheed Siddiqui, CEO of TAAS Investments, discusses the Build-to-Rent concept, its appeal to renters, and the opportunities it creates for SDIRA investors. tax deduction April 04, 2024 Opening an IRA Before the Tax Deadline Could Save You Money Learn how contributing to your Traditional IRA can give you a last-minute deduction before the tax filing deadline. excess contributions April 02, 2024 What You Need to Know about Excess Contributions Learn what it means when you have an excess contribution in your IRA and what steps you can take to correct it. millionaire March 13, 2024 The Millionaire Retirement Plan: Why You Need to Start Early Is it possible to save a million dollars by retirement even if you don't have a high paying job or family inheritance? We think so and we'll explain how.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a “Self-Directed IRA” and a regular IRA?

There is no legal distinction between a “Self-Directed IRA” and any other IRA. The difference is simply this: Quest lets you take control of your retirement by letting you invest your IRA in what you know best. There are 2 different sets of rules that govern what you can do with your IRA. First, there is the Internal Revenue Code, which has surprisingly few restrictions. Second, there is your account agreement with the custodian. With most custodians you are restricted in the type of investments you can buy in your IRA. Quest allows you the maximum amount of control and flexibility. Almost anything that can be documented can be held in your Quest Self-Directed IRA.

Which types of IRAs does Quest Trust Company offer?

Quest offers almost all types of retirement plans, including:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • SEP IRAs
  • Individual/Solo 401(k)s
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (formerly Education IRAs)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Inherited IRAs
How much can I contribute to my IRA?

The answer depends on what type of account you're exploring as well as other factors like income limits. Click Here to view current year contribution limits.

What kinds of investments can be made in a Quest Trust Company Self-Directed IRA?

You have the broadest possible choice of investments, including:

  • Real Estate, including debt-financed and foreign real estate
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Real Estate Options
  • Lease Options
  • Unsecured Notes
  • Oil and Gas Interests
  • Small, non-publicly traded corporate stock
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Factored Invoices
  • Discounted Commissions
  • Security Agreements and Notes
  • Tax Lien Certificates
  • Foreclosure Property
  • Joint Ventures
  • Racehorses
  • and a whole lot more…

It should be made clear that you are not taking a distribution to purchase these assets. All assets are purchased within the IRA, and all profits stay in the IRA!

Which type of Self-Directed IRA is right for me?

Self-Directed IRAs are a powerful tool to help individuals build the largest possible retirement nest eggs. At Quest, we offer 7 different types of accounts – Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Employer plans like the SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA and Solo401k, as well as specialty plans like the Health Savings Account and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. All of these accounts can be self-directed into alternative assets, but it’s important to be informed on all of the accounts (and possibly even speak to a tax advisor or CPA) to make sure you are opening the best one for you depending on your personal situation.

What is the process to move my old 401(k)?

Moving your 401k to Quest is simple. Simply call one of our Certified IRA Specialists to have a free consultation and fill out the account opening paperwork. Once an account has been established for you within 24-48 hours, we will provide all the information to help you initiate the rollover process from your old 401(k) to Quest. When the funds arrive, you will complete our Rollover Form, to ensure your request is finalized. Now you are ready to begin investing!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule a 15-minute call with a certified IRA specialist

With over 20 certified specialists available, let Quest help you navigate the world of Self-Directed IRA investing. Take the first step toward financial freedom and contact an IRA Specialist today.

Our team of IRA Specialists can answer questions like:

  • How to invest with your Self-Directed IRA
  • Different account types, and which is right for you
  • How to transfer or rollover existing retirement accounts
  • How to invest in alternative assets
  • How to maximize your tax savings
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