Finding a Property Manager for Your Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Portfolio

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property managerThe potential upside and cash flow possibilities of investment real estate make it a highly attractive option for retirement savers who have self-directed IRAs. Unfortunately, some investors may be somewhat reluctant to invest in real estate because of the higher level of attention that particular asset class demands.

Unlike equity and debt investments, investing in real estate involves a physical asset that the owner is responsible for maintaining, promoting and safeguarding. The most common solution to these issues is for real estate investors to retain the services of a property manager. Here are some options for finding the right manager for your self-directed IRA real estate portfolio.

Hire an Individual. If your real estate portfolio is relatively small, you might be able to hire someone you already know to manage the property. Sometimes a local handyman can be all the assistance you need to manage a single property. If you choose an individual manager, then be sure that person carries an appropriate type and amount of liability coverage.

Hire a Property Management Service. If you own multiple properties, or are looking for a higher level of service, then you should look to hire a professional property management service. As you might expect, the property management industry is fairly well developed. This means that for practically any area of the country you’ll be able to find a service that can manage your real estate holdings. Make sure to understand the services that are available, as well as the fees that you will be responsible for.

It’s worth noting that a professional property manager may also be able to provide you with valuable assistance if you ever find yourself in a situation where your tenant is not complying with the terms of their lease. A manager that has experience with eviction or similar proceedings can be invaluable.

Understand What You’re Looking For. Before you start trying to find a property manager for your real estate investments, you should evaluate the types of services you need. The first step is likely to be making a list of all the maintenance and upkeep obligations that you are responsible for as the property owner. For example, if your rental property is a condominium, or a single-family home that’s subject to homeowners association (HOA) rules, then you need to be confident that your property manager will be able to meet all of those obligations.

If you own a multi-family home or apartment building, there may be some local or state regulations that you also need to satisfy. If you’re not familiar with these duties, an experienced property manager can help you bridge the gap in your expertise.

Finally, there’s one last option to consider – managing your real estate investments yourself. You won’t be able to pay yourself any compensation from your self-directed IRA (whereas fees can be paid to a third party property manager), but you might find that you have fewer worries about your investments knowing exactly what’s happening with them.

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