Quest Trust Fees Explained

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At Quest Trust Company our World Famous Customer Service begins and ends with our clients. So when it comes to our fee structure we want to keep it simple and transparent. Also, every dollar you spend on a Quest Trust fee goes back into making sure your self-directed IRA experience with us is the best it can be.

While other IRA custodians may boast cheaper fees, you may find that their services do not meet all of your needs. Although our fee structure might not be the cheapest, our fees remain average with industry standards. You will find that the customer service and education we provide will easily pay for itself, and you’ll receive a much higher value for only a slightly more expensive fee. 

What Fees Can I Expect To See?

With a Self-Directed IRA at Quest, you will never experience a hidden charge. Our outlined Fee Schedule allows you to accurately plan for any fees you would expect to see during an investment, ensuring you never have to be shocked by an unplanned charge. Additionally, with 3 different Annual Fee Plans, you have the option to choose the best structure that works for you rather than being locked into an all-inclusive plan that may not fit your needs. 

Getting started is easy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For just $100, we can establish and generate an account number for a new self-directed IRA. Then, when you’re ready to fund your first transaction, there’s only a few charges you’ll incur. Any other fee you’d see at Quest would surround yearly investment and account maintenance, such as end of year reporting or additional investment processing. 

Fee Break Down Example

Here is an example of the fees you may see when you open your Self-Directed IRA and do your first transaction:

John attends a Quest Lunch & Learn and decides he is ready to start a Roth IRA. When John opens his account, he will pay $100. Luckily, he heard of a limited promotion that Quest was running, and was able to start his account at no cost at all! After only a few days his account is open, and John is ready to roll over his old 401(k). John doesn’t incur any expense for this process, nor will he ever have to worry about paying fees for any incoming funds. When money is coming in to your Quest account, we do not charge a fee.

A week or two goes by, John’s funds have arrived in his IRA, and now he is ready to invest his IRA into a perfect rental property he has found! He calls a Quest transaction representative to get help with his transaction. He fills out a Direction of Investment form and provides a few supporting documents. While his Quest representative works with the title company to complete all funding documents, John is charged a $125 transaction fee (and his choice of either a $30 wire or $5 check fee) for this purchase of his new investment. 

The last fee John can expect to see will be his Administrative Fee, which is the costs for us to hold and maintain his new SDIRA asset. Depending on what option he has selected when he filled out his account opening paperwork, he can expect to see an annual fee every year on the anniversary of his purchase or he will see a quarterly fee based on his account value at the time the fee is assessed (different based on his Fee Option he previously selected). John doesn’t have to worry about paying fees when monthly rental income from the property comes back to his SDIRA.  If John were to have an expense that needed to be paid, he would only need to be aware of the cost to send his check ($5) or wire ($30). 

Self-directing shouldn’t come with aggressive fees every way you turn, which is why we believe in only charging a few main fees for the more difficult services we provide. As you shop around, you’ll see our fees are remain average with other custodians in the industry. We are confident that our service will show any potential or current client the value of Quest Trust Company. If you have questions about our services or fees, give us a call at 281.492.3434. To learn more about how to get started investing with a self-directed IRA, schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with an IRA Specialist by clicking HERE.

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