How to Locate Forms and Submit Secure Information in the Client Portal

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Uploading documents and finding Quest forms is safe and simple with the Secure Document Upload feature located in your Client Portal. Do you need to submit a Transfer Form or update funding paperwork? With the Secure Document Upload system, you have the ability to view forms and then upload and submit any document you may need for your account(s) or investment(s).

When you need to find investment forms, account statements, and other important reporting forms, you can locate these easier than ever in your Client Portal! When you log into your Client Portal, you will see a blue button on the left-hand side titled “Forms”. By clicking on this, you’ll have every internal Quest form at your fingertips! 

Uploading Secure Information and other Forms

Now that you have located and completed your forms, you will also want to know how to upload any additional secured information. You do so with features in the Client Portal! To access the document upload feature, you will first log in to your Client Portal and locate the drop down tab at the top that says “Forms”. When you click on this drop down tab, there will be an option that shows “Secure Document Upload”. It is the third option down.

Once you click it, you will be taken to the Secure Document Upload page. Here, you will be able to input all applicable information and safely submit your document. The fields will ask for:

  1. The subject – This is where you will let us know what exactly you are uploading
  2. The attention to – This is who the document will need to go to 
  3. The department  – It’s okay if you don’t know the department you document needs to go to
  4. A Description – This is an optional section that will ask for a description of the document 

Once you have filled out the necessary information, then you can upload the actual document by attaching it to this page. You can directly upload it from your computer or drag-and-drop the file. From there, you are done! After, you be re-directed to the Quest Trust Company website, and our Quest team will review the submission within 24-48 hours for you.  

Finding Other Helpful Forms

There might come a time when you will want to review other important reporting form. With only a couples clicks, you can download your monthly and annual statements, 1099 tax forms, and 5498 tax forms, too. To locate these downloadable documents, you will first log in to your client portal. On the main dashboard, you will see a drop-down tab at the very top labeled “Documents”. Here, you will have the option to click on which report you would like to view. 

After you click on the document, it will take you to a page with a full list of your forms. Simply click “view” on the right hand side for whichever document you choose. You have the option to download or print the form. 

If you encounter any issues or if you need immediate assistance, you can contact a Quest representative by emailing or calling our offices at 1-855-386-4727.

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