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How are Self-Directed IRAs Helping Thousands of Investors Create Tax-Free Wealth?

Posted on March 15, 2022

Real estate investors across the nation are adding Self-Directed IRAs to their wealth building strategies, not only for the future but for today, too. Learn the secrets, new ideas, and more at this year’s Quest Expo on how to create tax free wealth. Here are a few reasons why the Expo and self-direction are changing the game:

Portfolio Diversification

Self-Directed IRAs truly put the control back in your hands. You have the ability to diversify your retirement portfolio beyond traditional, publicly traded assets into a multitude of private investments, like real estate, notes, private companies, oil and gas, cryptocurrency, LLC, and much more. Without the limitations of the publicly traded investments, you can build your wealth faster and on your terms. With over 50 different, unique speakers and vendors present at Quest Expo to offer their knowledge and services, you’ll have resources available no matter how you are looking to diversify. 


When you invest with Self-Directed IRAs you receive tax benefits, like tax deductions and tax-free distributions, depending on which account you have. When you contribute to Traditional IRAs, you get rewarded! These accounts give you tax deductions when you make contributions. Other savings accounts like the Roth IRA help the money you contributed grow tax-free. And there are even some accounts like the Health Savings Accounts that do both. By attending the Quest Expo, you’ll hear new concepts and ideas for saving money, beating taxes, and creating wealth for yourself and future generations. 

Accessible Financial Education

Although SDIRAs have been around for many decades, SDIRA education has become easier to access and networking events are more frequent, allowing investors to meet other like-minded individuals. Custodians like Quest offer unlimited resources for new and expert investors like videos, articles, webinars and more. Free educational events like the ones thrown at Quest not only teach you new strategies, but they also help you grow your network. As the #1 Self-Directed IRA Expo in the nation, The Quest Expo provides the highest quality education  at an affordable cost. 

Understanding the Business

When you invest with a Self-Directed IRA, you have the freedom to invest in assets you are most familiar and comfortable with, giving you more opportunity for success. Investing in alternative assets you know and understand will allow you to make the best decisions for your investments and your future. An understanding of the business can help you grow your network and your net worth. What better way to expand your network and grow your business than attending the largest 3-day self-directed IRA event of the year!Check for the latest panel topics to learn more about the event! The Quest Expo on September 23-35 in Houston, Texas will host both local and national experts sharing what they know about tax strategies, creating successful deals, new assets like crypto, the current and projected market trends, and much more. Are you ready to learn something and meet someone new? Meet us in Houston this fall at the Quest Expo. Tickets for the Expo are at the best prices right now for our Early-Bird presale! Don’t wait until it’s too late!Get your ticket to the Quest Expo TODAY!REGISTER TODAY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DISCOUNTED EARLY BIRD PRICING!

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