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How Syndicators Benefit from Self-Directed IRAs

Raising capital for your deals might be easier than you think.

Posted on September 12, 2022


Raising capital for deals may be easier than you thought when you have a trusted IRA custodian working alongside you! With over $28 trillion sitting in retirement accounts, self-directed IRAs can be a great option for syndicators looking to raise money. For investment sponsors looking to broaden their investment possibilities, companies like Quest Trust Company makes it easy to tap into the trillions of dollars in self-directed IRAs for private assets.

Introducing self-directed retirement accounts to your network can provide huge benefits to you and your syndications. For syndicators looking to raise capital, self-directed IRAs can be a great source because many SDIRA investors like to use their retirement accounts to invest passively – something syndications offer. Plus, the funds in retirement accounts must remain in the accounts until a certain age to avoid taxes and penalties, so the time frames that come along with involvement in certain syndications is usually not a concern to SDIRA investors.

What are the Benefits of Using Quest Trust Company  as a Syndicator?

  • A Dedicated Senior Level Relationship Manager
  • Ability to Submit Requests 100% Online
  • Required Reporting
  • Access to Local and National Events
  • Expedited Transaction Processing
  • Account Access and Visibility
  • Continued Education and our IRA Specialists

When you have a custodian like Quest as a resource, educating new investors about the possibility to use SDIRA funds for syndications is simple and takes the pressure off you! Specializing in self-directed IRA administration and education, we help new investors understand how to invest in alternative assets and will help them every step of the way, from opening and funding assistance to directing money from the account to the investment. After a quick introduction, our IRA Specialists can take over, facilitating in the education process and the account establishment. To make it even easier, we’ve broken down the steps and you can provide these to your potential investors for the fastest service.  Quest Trust Company is the best place to access the wealth of educational and networking opportunities available to all our syndicators - and their networks, too.

At Quest, we aim to be a resource for syndicators looking for a knowledgeable and efficient custodian that can educate their investors and help them start their self-directed journey. Quest Trust Company has more than 19 years of experience in administering and servicing self-directed IRAs and the many types of investments that can be held in these types of accounts. We’ve seen how self-directed IRAs are improving the lives of investors and sponsors alike by allowing every day real estate investors the power to use retirement accounts to invest quickly and efficiently in private assets. You can close more deals by opening a world of private funding through self-directed IRAs. If you have an upcoming syndication, ask us how we can help you and your network!

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