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Quest Trust Company Celebrates 20 Years

Celebrating two decades of services in alternative investments.

Posted on January 23, 2023

20 years
When we opened our doors in 2003, we  never expected to grow into the company we are today. Here we are twenty years later, and we’re proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2023! Since we started and continue to grow, our name has changed over the years, but the same great service our clients have come to know has never left. Starting as an Entrust franchise, growing into Quest IRA, and becoming a chartered trust company under the rules and regulations of the State of Texas as Quest Trust Company has taught us how to become adaptable while still being able to maintain our core values. Quest continues to pride itself on our ability to provide “world famous customer service” in alternative investments.  

Celebrating Two Decades of Investment Services

Over the years, we have grown from just a few hundred active clients to over 25,000 self-directed investors, from a handful of employees to over 110 – with more than 50 Certified IRA Services Professionals on staff, and the number of educational events and opportunities we put on and attend is now averaging more than 300 events a year. We know none of this would be possible without each person we’ve worked with over the years.  

Some of our biggest accomplishments have been opening remote offices in other territories, hosting large scale events like our Quest Expo, which had over 750 attendees present, and of course, providing top-tier IRA and alternative investing education to clients and non-clients everywhere. Over the years, our executives and staff have attended meetings in Washington D.C. to lobby, produced and published educational materials for helping investors, and created improved systems to make investing as seamless as possible on the client side as well as internally.

We’ve even won some notable awards that we are so proud of! 

  • Best Self-Directed IRA Company for 2020 
  • Best Real Estate Investment Service Provider for 2020 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Quincy Long, QTC Founder for 2020
  • Best Self-Directed IRA Company for 2021 
  • Linda’s Legacy Industry Impact Award for 2021
  • Best Self-Directed IRA Company for 2022 

We’re not done – we’re never done growing! As every milestone lights a new fire, this anniversary is no different. In the upcoming years, you can expect to see even more amazing growth and investment opportunities for Quest clients, other alternative investors, and staff alike.  We are always looking to see how we can provide the best experience for all those who work Quest no matter if you are a client or not.

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We want to know how we can help, contact us at to tell us how! 

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