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  • 855-FUN-IRAS (855-386-4727)

Corporate Headquarters

17171 Park Row, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77084

P: (281) 492-3434
F: (281) 646-9701
Toll Free: 855-FUN-IRAS (855-386-4727)

Austin Office

100 E. Anderson Ln., Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752

Toll Free: 855-FUN-IRAS (855-386-4727)

Dallas Office

14860 Montfort Dr., Suite 209
Dallas, TX 75254

Toll Free: 855-FUN-IRAS (855-386-4727)

Special Department Emails
This employee directory is provided as a resource to aid in conducting business with Quest Trust Company, Inc.

Executive Team
  • H. Quincy Long:
    Chief Executive Officer, CISP, Attorney
  • Nathan Long, CISP:
    Ext: 3574
  • Nate Hare, CISP:
    Executive Vice President
    Ext: 3548
  • Beatriz Adkins, CISP:
    Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Development
    Ext: 3581
  • Joedy Patrick, CISP:
    Vice President of Customer Care
    Ext. 3592
  • Forrest Clark:
    Vice President of Special Services
    Ext: 3575
New Clients & Education
New Clients, Prospects, and Education:

Houston Office

  • Anne Marie Hollonds, CISP:
    Marketing Officer
    Ext: 3605
  • Ashley Villa, CISP:
    Marketing Assistant
    Ext: 3566
  • Derreck Long:
    IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3620
  • Juan Deshon:
    IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3635
  • Waqas Khatri, CISP:
    Senior Operations Officer, Certified IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3570

Austin Office

  • Ingrid Chavez, CISP:
    Marketing Officer
    Ext: 3576
  • Katie Schluer, CISP:
    Transfers Representative/IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3577
  • Keaton Munster, CISP:
    IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3615

Dallas Office

  • Rebecca Miller, CISP:
    Special Accounts Officer
    Ext: 3569
  • Haley Gant, CISP:
    IRA Specialist
    Ext: 3607
  • Sarah Shellam, CISP:
    Marketing Assistant
    Ext: 3610

Handle all questions about Self-Directed IRAs and investment options for clients and prospects. Create the marketing, speaking, and workshop schedules for Quest Trust Company educators. Establish business relationships with like-minded companies.

New Accounts Department

New Accounts

  • Nathalie Lennis 
    New Accounts Supervisor
    Ext: 3603
  • Juan Quintanilla
    New Accounts Representative

Handle all the setup of all new accounts, online access, change of address, change of beneficiaries, change of account information.

Transfers In Department

Transfers In Department

  • Joan Ficca, CISP:
    Transfers In Supervisor
    Ext: 3573

Handles transfer of funds (cash) coming into Quest as well as rollovers.

Special Services Department

Special Services Department

  • Elizabeth Nicole Wilson, CISP:
    Special Services Manager
    Ext: 3555
  • Cristina Sandoval:
    Special Services Representative
    Ext: 3553
  • Valeria Torres:
    Special Services Representative
    Ext: 3612

Handles asset transfers coming into and out of Quest, Distribution of assets and cash, and zero value assets.


Real Estate Investments

Private Entities

Promissory Notes

Accounts Receivable Department
  • Katerina Villamil, CISP:
    Accounts Receivable Manager
    Ext: 3568
  • Raquel Martinez:
    Accounts Receivable Representative
    Ext: 3562

Accounts receivable processes all incoming payments to your IRAs (Checks/wire/ACH’s)

Accounts Payable Department

  • Penny Medeiros: 
    Accounts Payable Manager
    Ext: 3552
  • Cecilia Rojas:
    Accounts Payable Representative
    Ext: 3599

Accounts payable processes outgoing payments from your IRA such as property taxes, HOA fees, and utilities, as well as process distributions and transfer outs.

Billing Department
  • Christy Fojas:
    HR Director/Billing Manager
    Ext: 3557
  • Karen Gomez
    Billing Representative
    Ext: 3595

Billing handles all questions about fees and invoices related to transactions within your IRA

Back Office
  • Johnathan Tran:
    Information Security & Information Technology Officer
    Ext: 3585
  • Elizabeth Acosta, CISP:
    Ext: 3584
  • David Burrell:
    Operations Accountant
    Ext: 3564