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Starter Kits- Open an Account

This section holds the various applications used to open an account with Quest Trust Company. The four pages of the Adoption Agreement, the general fee schedule, the $100 account opening fee and a copy of a valid, government issued I.D. are required to completely open a new account. If assistance is needed, one of our IRA specialists or a member of the New Accounts Department would be more than happy to walk you through the paperwork required to open your account and answer any questions. Please refer to the “contact us” drop down to find the contact information of the staff.

Fee Schedule

Below is the fee schedule for accounts at Quest Trust Company. The fee schedule is one of the four components required to open a self-directed account with Quest Trust Company, but can also be used to change fee or payment options at a later date.

The Fee schedules are included in the respective Account Opening Starter Kits.

  • A “Rollover Form” is needed to properly document and accept funds when an IRA holder is moving from a qualified plan (i.e. 401(k), 403(b), 457 etc.) into an IRA. Rollovers are initiated by the account holder. When initiating a rollover, the client will need to contact their qualified plan administrator for further direction.
  • A “Transfer Form” is needed when a client needs to transfer from their current custodians IRA into a like IRA account at Quest Trust Company, Inc. (i.e. Traditional IRA to Traditional IRA). Transfers are initiated by the receiving custodian, therefore if you are transferring to Quest, we assist with initiating the movement of funds, and when transferring out of Quest Trust Company, you would work with the custodian that will receive the IRA funds.

NOTE: Your current custodian might require a medallion stamp guarantee and/or the original Transfer Form.

Asset Purchase Packets Payment Authorization Forms

A Payment Authorization Letter, commonly referred to as a “PAL,” at Quest Trust Company, is a form that allows permission to make a payment from the client’s account. This is commonly used to pay for expenses such as property taxes, HOA dues, utilities, etc.

Verification of Payoff Distribution Form

The Distribution form is as just like it sounds – a form used to remove funds from a client’s account.

Account Management Forms

Use this coupon for any check deposits made to your Quest Trust account.

This form is used to add or change beneficiaries to your account with Quest Trust Company. Both primary and contingent beneficiaries can be listed to specify how the balance in the account shall be paid in the event of death. Changes can be made to the beneficiaries at any time by the account holder, but cannot be changed by anyone designated as an Interested Party or Limited Power of Attorney.

This form is used to verify the request to change a client’s account holder information, such as: address change, new e-mail address, etc. The form requires the old information that Quest Trust Company has on file, as well as the new information to update the client’s account. Once the form is completed, signed and returned, the New Accounts Department will be able to update the new information in our databases. After the client information has been changed, you will be notified of the update.

This form allows another individual to have some access to your account information at Quest Trust Company. The interested party would be able to call and get an account balance and other basic information, however they are unable to make any changes to your account, sign a direction of investment, direction to sell, payment authorization letter, or any other administrative forms. Finally, the interested party is never permitted to authorize a distribution from the account or to change the beneficiaries listed on the account. The form must be completed and signed by the account holder, and once sent to the New Accounts Department, the information will be updated in the client’s account.

This form names an individual as the agent and attorney-in-fact for the account. The completion of this form allows for the specified individual to have access to account information, sign a direction of investment, direction to sell, a payment authorization letter and any other administrative forms. However, like the interested party, the individual will not be able to authorize a distribution or change the beneficiaries listed on the account.

The Fair Market Valuation of your self‐directed account assets must be provided to Quest Trust Company, Inc. annually and/or at the time of a distribution of an asset in‐kind or upon a Roth conversion or upon the death of the account holder. To accurately provide these reports, please complete this form and return it to Quest Trust Company, Inc. no later than January 16, 2018.

This form is used to complete a Roth conversion, a movement of funds from a tax deferred IRA to a tax free account, and to take a distribution from the account. Complete any account holder information, as well as the reason for the distribution.

Account Agreement & Disclosure

There are several different Account Agreement forms in this section, all used for the different types of accounts administered by Quest Trust Company. The Custodial Agreement & Disclosure form serves several purposes, such as: describes Quest’s relationship with Mainstar Trust, outlines the rights of the client and the custodian, explains the 7 day hold period required by Quest Trust Company, etc. For any questions, feel free to contact one of IRA specialists for more information.