Event Detail

Financial Independence: Preparing the Right Groundwork for your Future Finances

Date And Time

Sat, June 10, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Online Only


Americans have a financial literacy problem. Only one-third of U.S. households have a budget, which may explain why so many people are struggling with credit card debt. Almost half of Americans don’t have enough cash available to cover an unexpected emergency or medical bill. And saving for retirement, that’s a far-off goal for many young Americans. Join Martin Saenz as he discusses budgeting – a critical life skill. Learn how to set goals, not just for retirement, but for your investments. And learn how to manage expenses and keep yourself accountable. If you’ve never watched any of our webinars, this one is a great place to start!


What You Will Learn in This Class:

·        How a financial budget can help prepare you for the future and the importance of goal setting

·        The difference between setting active and passive income goals,

·        How to balance the expenses and liabilities of your private investments

·        And much more!


Martin Saenz is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. For over 19 years, he has owned and operated multiple successful companies. He is recognized as a thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry and is currently a Managing Partner of Bequest. Through his experiences, Martin has acquired a high level of strategy and expertise that he generously shares with others. He is genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world through profitable businesses and sharing these successes with investors. Martin cofounded Bequest, Legacy Investing with his business partner Shawn Muneio. Their purpose is to help investors grow their wealth through consistent monthly income. Martin holds a BA degree in Philosophy from U.T. — San Antonio, an MBA from Drexel University, and a M.S. in Project Management from George Washington University.